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First-party cookies only belong to the domain of the service and not a third party.

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netflix "Cookies are small data files that are commonly stored on your device when you browse and use websites and online services. They are widely used to make websites work, or to work more efficiently, as well as to provide reporting information and assist with service or advertising personalization.</p> <p>Cookies are not the only types of technology that enable this functionality. we also use other, similar types of technologies. See below for more information and examples.</p> </li> <li> <strong>What are advertising identifiers?</strong> <p>Advertising identifiers are similar to cookies and are found on many mobile devices and tablets (for example, the "Identifier for Advertisers" (or IDFA) on Apple iOS devices and the "Google Advertising ID" on Android devices), and certain streaming media devices. Like cookies, advertising identifiers are used to make online advertising more relevant.</p> </li> <li> <strong>Why does Netflix use cookies and advertising identifiers?</strong> <ul> <li> <strong>Essential cookies:</strong> These cookies are strictly necessary to provide our website or online service. For example, we and our Service Providers may use these cookies to authenticate and identify our members when they use our websites and applications so we can provide our service to them. They also help us to enforce our Terms of Use, prevent fraud and maintain the security of our service.</li> <li> <strong>Performance and functionality cookies:</strong> These cookies are not essential, but help us to personalize and enhance your online experience with Netflix. For example, they help us to remember your preferences and prevent you from needing to re-enter information you previously provided (for example, during member sign up). We also use these cookies to collect information (such as popular pages, conversion rates, viewing patterns, click-through and other information) about our visitors' use of the Netflix service so that we can enhance and personalize our website and service and conduct market research. Deletion of these types of cookies may result in limited functionality of our service.</li> <li> <strong>Advertising cookies and advertising identifiers:</strong> These cookies and advertising identifiers use information about your use of this and other websites and apps, your response to ads and emails, and to deliver ads that are more relevant to you. These types of ads are called "interest-based advertising." Many of the advertising cookies associated with our service belong to our Service Providers.</li> </ul> </li> <li> <strong>How can I exercise choice regarding cookies and advertising identifiers?</strong> <p>For more information about cookies set through our website, as well as other types of online tracking (including the collection of information by third parties about your online activities over time and across third-party Web sites or online services for online interest based advertising), and to exercise choices regarding them, click here.</p> <p>To opt out of interest-based ads from Netflix in connection with an advertising identifier on a mobile device, tablet, or streaming media devices, please configure the appropriate setting on your device (usually found under "privacy" or "ads" in your device's settings). You may still see Netflix ads on your device, but they will not be tailored to your likely interests.</p> <p>Netflix supports the following self-regulatory programs, which provide additional privacy choices for interest-based advertising:</p> <ul> <li>In the US: Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA)</li> <li>In Europe: European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA)</li> <li>In Canada: Ad Choices: Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC) / Choix de Pub: l'Alliance de la publicité numérique du Canada (DAAC)</li> </ul> <p>At this time, we do not respond to Web browser "do not track" signals.</p> </li> <li> <strong>How Does Netflix use Web Beacons and other Technologies?</strong> <p>Web beacons (also known as clear gifs or pixel tags) often work in conjunction with cookies. We and our Service Providers may use them for similar purposes as cookies, such as to understand and enhance the use of our service, improve site performance, monitor visitor traffic and actions on our site, and understand interactions with our marketing (including email and online ads on third party sites). Because web beacons often work in conjunction with cookies, in many cases, declining cookies will impair the effectiveness of web beacons associated with those cookies.</p> <p>We use other technologies that are similar to cookies, such as browser storage and plugins (e.g., HTML5, IndexedDB, and WebSQL). Like cookies, some of these technologies may store small amounts of data on your device. We may use these and various other technologies for similar purposes as cookies, such as to enforce our terms, prevent fraud, and analyze the use of our service. There are a number of ways to exercise choice regarding these technologies. For example, many popular browsers provide the ability to clear browser storage, commonly in the settings or preferences area. see your browser's help function or support area to learn more. Other technologies, such as Silverlight storage, may be cleared from within the application." approved import script
Search Encrypt "<p>6. Search Encrypt uses cookies to determine the effectiveness of our own marketing campaigns.</p> <p>Because we don’t track any personally identifiable information, we can’t do more than determine that a specific user searched for whatever search terms they searched for. We know nothing about that particular user and we don’t know anything identifiable about the user. Using cookies also allows us to encrypt your search queries on the browser to help hide the history of what you searched for on the machine.</p>" approved stewofkc
Jagex "<u>Necessary:</u> </strong> These Cookies are required in order for our services to operate. For example, maintaining a logged in session. Our websites cannot function without these cookies.</li>" approved Photon
Nexon "When you use the Services or interact with emails from us, we and our third-party business partners may collect and store information about your use of our Services using cookies" declined (deactivated)
SpigotMC "Our cookie usage <p>This site uses cookies for numerous things, including:</p> <ul> <li>Registration and maintaining your preferences. This includes ensuring that you can stay logged in and keeping the site in the language or appearance that you requested" declined Photon
idka "We do not allow any third party to place cookies in connection with our services.</p> <p>We do, however, need to use persistent cookies to identify you, for instance to allow trusted devices (automatic re-login), to store certain preferences and for internal user statistics. We employ encrypted cookies that cannot be used by others." approved benji_bacchus
bitbucket "You will not be able to opt-out of any cookies or other technologies that are “strictly necessary” for the Services.</p>" approved (deactivated)
Facebook "We use cookies if you have a Facebook account, use the Facebook Products, including our website and apps, or visit other websites and apps that use the Facebook Products (including the Like button or other Facebook Technologies)." approved import script
Grammarly "Through the use of cookies, we help deliver advertisements for relevant Grammarly products and services to you. For more details on cookies, please see the “Does Grammarly use cookies?” section below.</p>" approved import script "" changes-requested marli16648
Liberapay "The user acknowledges that cookies are necessary for the service to function and agrees to their use." pending ArloJamesBarnes
twitter "A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on your computer or mobile device. Like many websites, we use cookies and similar technologies to collect additional website usage data and to operate our services. Cookies are not required for many parts of our services such as searching and looking at public profiles. Although most web browsers automatically accept cookies, many browsers’ settings can be set to decline cookies or alert you when a website is attempting to place a cookie on your computer. However, some of our services may not function properly if you disable cookies. When your browser or device allows it, we use both session cookies and persistent cookies to better understand how you interact with our services, to monitor aggregate usage patterns, and to personalize and otherwise operate our services such as by providing account security, personalizing the content we show you including ads, and remembering your language preferences. We do not support the Do Not Track browser option. You can learn more about how we use cookies and similar technologies here.</p> <p>pageReference: /content/twitter-com/legal/en/privacy/chapter-2/chapter-2-3-tooltips---overlays</p> <p>Content:</p> <p>Not hungry?</p> <p>You can change your cookie settings in your web browser.</p>" approved import script
virgin This service requires first-party cookies, which are cookies that only belong to the domain of the service and not a third party. changes-requested Updog
Parsec " We use the following types of cookies: <ol> <li> <em>Essential Cookies</em> - These cookies are essential to provide you with the Services and to enable you to use some of its features. For example, they allow you to log in to secure areas of the Services and help the content of the pages you request load quickly." approved user 104
Fiverr " When you visit the Site, we may use industry-wide technologies such as "cookies" (or similar technologies), which store certain information on your computer and which will allow us, among other things, to enable automatic sign-in to the Site, make your browsing much more convenient and effortless and allow us to test user experience and offer you personalized browsing or promotions. By continuing to use this Site, you are agreeing to our placing cookies on your computer or device in accordance with the terms of this Policy." approved (deactivated)
BetterHelp " We use cookies and web beacons to enable the technical operation of the Platform, to administer your log-in to your account and to collect the Log Data." approved (deactivated)
Drop "We use the following types of cookies:</p> <blockquote> <p>(a) <strong>Strictly necessary cookies.</strong> These are cookies that are required for the operation of our website." approved (deactivated)
ASKfm "ASKfm uses both session cookies and persistent cookies." pending (deactivated)
WaniKani This service requires first-party cookies, which are cookies that only belong to the domain of the service and not a third party. pending lucasdpr
Duolingo "Cookies<p>When you enter the Website, we collect your browser type and your IP address (a unique address that identifies your computer on the Internet). When you use our mobile Application, we collect your device type, your device ID, and your IP address.</p> <p>In addition, we store certain information from your browser using "cookies." A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user's computer tied to information about the user. We use session ID cookies to confirm that users are logged in. If you do not want information collected through the use of cookies, there is a simple procedure in most browsers that allows you to deny or accept the cookie feature. however, you should note that cookies may be necessary to provide you certain features available on the Website (e.g., customized delivery of information).</p> <p>Y" changes-requested SeanColombo
ShapeShift "The website uses cookies (text files that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website) to support this analysis.</p>" pending barelyaware
GitHub "GitHub uses cookies to make interactions with our service easy and meaningful. We use cookies (and similar technologies, like HTML5 localStorage) to keep you logged in, remember your preferences, and provide information for future development of GitHub. We also use cookies to identify a device, for security reasons. By using our website, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your computer or device. If you disable your browser or device’s ability to accept cookies, you will not be able to log in or use GitHub’s services.</p> <p>We provide a web page on cookies and tracking that describes the cookies we set, the needs we have for those cookies, and the types of cookies they are (temporary or permanent). It also lists our third party analytics and service providers and details exactly which parts of our website we permit them to track.</p>" draft import script
CCleaner "Strictly necessary cookies:</strong> These are cookies that are required for the operation of our website. They include, for example, cookies that enable you to log into secure areas of our website.</p>" pending user 104
SourceHut This service requires first-party cookies, which are cookies that only belong to the domain of the service and not a third party. changes-requested ddevault
420A3.Com "We take the guesswork out of cookies and we simply show you what we're using the cookies for" approved
Kuketz-Forum "Ich setze auf der Webseite (First-Party-)Cookies ein." pending komo
Bitwarden "If you're <strong>just browsing the website</strong>, we collect the same basic information that most websites collect." declined phileas
Mailinator "By using the Mailinator platform, you consent to the use of cookies to improve your browsing experience. When you do sign up or login, logged credentials are used to facilitate storing settings and interacting with the Mailinator platform as intended. Mailinator uses cookies to know if you're logged in to Mailinator. This allows Manybrain, Inc. to provide you a personalized site experience including saving of individual emails and settings. Cookies also help us detect uses of the site against our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy." approved
Cloze "By using our Services, you indicate your consent for Cloze to send cookies to your computer or other device in order to uniquely identify your browser and improve the quality of our Services." pending JusBer
pinterest "or “persistent” cookies (that last until you or your browser delete them). " pending kitcallie
Dailymotion "Internal cookies</b> are saved directly by DAILYMOTION (also called first-party cookies);</" pending kitcallie
420A3.Com "Cookies We Use" declined
Uphold "We collect this information by using cookies, server logs, and other similar technologies. " pending cloudtester
Uphold "We use cookies to personalise content and ads, provide social media features, and analyse our traffic." pending cloudtester
DeepL "<p>The cookies mentioned above are so-called first-party cookies. This means that the above statistics apply only to the use of our website.</p>" pending donno
Letterboxd " Like many websites, we use cookies and similar technologies to collect additional website usage data and to operate our services." pending donno
Brainly "COOKIES POLICY <p>1. The Website does not store any information automatically, except the information contained in cookie files.</p> <p>2. Cookie files are computer data, especially text files, which are stored in the User’s device and are needed to navigate on the Website." approved (deactivated)
Course Hero This service requires first-party cookies, which are cookies that only belong to the domain of the service and not a third party. declined (deactivated)
Ryver "When you use the Service, we may send one or more “cookies” (a small data file) to your computer to uniquely identify your browser and assist Ryver to help you log in faster and improve your navigation through the Site." declined (deactivated)
Kahoot! "Cookies are pieces of information stored directly on the computer that you are using. Cookies allow us to collect information such as browser type, time spent on the Services, pages visited, language preferences, and other anonymous traffic data. " pending (deactivated)
iStudiez "We use cookies on our website for analytics purposes. Pages on our website include a small script that sends to us basic device information (like device screen resolution, country and duration of a visit).</p>" approved (deactivated)
Humble Bundle "First party cookies are our own cookies set by Humble Bundle, controlled by us and used to provide information about the usage of the Service." approved (deactivated)
Bitwarden "Bitwarden uses cookies to make interactions with our service easy and meaningful. We use cookies (and similar technologies, like HTML5 localStorage) to keep you logged in, remember your preferences, and provide information for future development of Bitwarden." pending (deactivated)
Fosstodon "Do we use cookies? <p>Yes. Cookies are small files that a site or its service provider transfers to your computer's hard drive through your Web browser (if you allow). These cookies enable the site to recognize your browser and, if you have a registered account, associate it with your registered account.</p> <p>We use cookies to understand and save your preferences for future visits." pending mikestone
kongregate "These web beacons, pixel tags and clear gifs help measure the effectiveness of our email campaigns, deliver more relevant content, and manage advertising for Kongregate’s games. They also provide additional functionality to the Platform and help us analyze usage of our Sites more accurately. In many instances, beacons, pixel tags, and clear gifs work in conjunction with cookies to function properly, so declining cookies will impair their functioning.</p>" pending JimBrowning
Taskade "Our website, services, apps, email communications and advertisements may use “cookies" pending kitcallie
Nitrokey "We use cookies on our website." pending DRX
Internet Archive "The Archive may use "cookies" to track Users' activities on the Site and in the Collections." pending PinkDev1
Pornhub "Cookies that are strictly necessary</i>: These are cookies that are required for the operation of our Website. These include, for example, cookies that enable a user to log in to our Website and to check if a user is allowed access to a particular service or content." approved Peepo
keybase "COOKIES <p>We track the information that is collected automatically from you using cookies, or small text files which include an anonymous unique identifier. Cookies are sent to a user’s browser from our servers and are stored on the user’s computer hard drive. Sending a cookie to a user’s browser enables us to collect non-personal information about that user and keep a record of the user’s preferences when utilizing our Site, both on an individual and aggregate basis.</p> <p>Keybase may use both persistent and session cookies. persistent cookies remain on your computer after you close your session and until you delete them, while session cookies expire when you close your browser. For example, we may store a persistent cookie to enable us to pre-populate form fields that you have previously completed on the website." pending jurius
Guerrilla Mail "<p>This site uses a session cookie to maintain application state. Other cookies may be used to remember your preferences." pending jurius
edX "EdX and Members use “first-party” cookies, which means cookies served by edX or an individual Member" approved nolawyer

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