There is a date of the last update of the terms

The given text has a date that allows to know when it was last updated.

Classification: neutral

Weight: 50

Service Title Rating Status Author
Ecosia "Data protection declaration version date: 02/08/2018" approved (deactivated)
Google "We always indicate the date the last changes were published" approved Photon
ISODME "Last Revised: 2019-03-20 20:48 EDT" approved SchoolBusesC2
ISODME "Last Revised: 2019-04-15 13:43 EDT" approved jonathanlei "<p>Last updated: June 06, 2019" draft Nickwasused
Parsec "Last revised on: March 30, 2018" approved user 104
DuckDuckGo " <li>Last updated on 04/11/12." approved LuneSirius "Effective Date: January 13, 2005<br>Last Updated: May 25, 2018" approved alison
Roblox "These Terms will identify the date of last update." approved mathfreak231
Artspace "Effective date: February 12, 2014.</p>" pending Peepo "Last Updated: July 20, 2018" declined alison
slack "Effective: January 31, 2018" approved LuneSirius
Wattpad "Last Revised: May 25, 2018" approved LuneSirius
Algolia " Previous Versions:<ul> <li> </li> <li> " pending arthurlutz
VirusTotal "Last Updated Dec 11, 2018</strong>" changes-requested mikkkael
FastMail "Terms of Service <p>These Terms of Service came into effect on <strong>May 24th, 2018</strong>." approved Peepo
librarything ".</b> Updated "Member accounts" section to reflect free memberships.</p> <p> <b>3/27/20.</b> Added clarifying language to the section "Freedom of discussion and personal attacks."</p> <p> <b>12/16/19.</b> Added clearer language that "flagging is not a weapon."</p> <p> <b>9/18/19.</b> Added to picture-uploading rules.</p> <p> <b>5/29/19.</b> Added personal groups rule.</p> <p> <b>6/8/18.</b> Changes related to the Member Privacy Center going live.</p> <p> <b>6/6/18.</b> Additions and minor changes integrating TinyCat-specific provisions into the LibraryThing TOS.</p> <p> <b>5/24/18.</b> Considerable changes, especially relating to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). See here for previous version.</p> <p> <b>5/14/18.</b> Added Account ownership section.</p> <p> <b>1/11/18.</b> Added Mobile Apps section.</p> <p> <b>11/30/16.</b> Added HIPAA Compliance and Patron Privacy section.</p> <p> <b>09/8/16.</b> Added DMCA section.</p> <p> <b>06/25/15.</b> Added "topics" to Other Rules section on "pointless" groups.</p> <p> <b>12/29/14.</b> Added "Member recommendations" section to Terms of Use. These are long-standing rules that simply needed to be added here.</p> <p> <b>8/12/14.</b> Added equal opportunity employer statement.</p> <p> <b>5/1/14.</b> Added suggestive images of minors bullet.</p> <p> <b>1/27/11.</b> Major design changes to page. No textual changes.</p> <p> <b>6/24/10.</b> Made significant changes, especially to order and style. See old version, Wiki page, tracking changes and Talk topic.</p> <p> <b>5/27/10.</b> Added plagiarism bullet.</p> <p> <b>12/15/08.</b> Added "Disclaimers/Attributions" section.</p> <p> <b>3/25/08.</b> Added "Review integrity" section.</p> <p> <b>10/31/08.</b> Fixed a spelling error.</p> <p> <b>3/2/08.</b> Fixed a spelling error.</p> <p> <b>2/29/08.</b> Added italics, capital letters.</p> <p> <b>2/28/08.</b> Clarified posting rules, which have been on and off this document and elsewhere on the site. Edited don't-dos to include impersonating someone else.</p> <p> <b>8/11/07.</b> Reordered a bit. clarified that authors promoting their books is commercial.</p> <p> <b>7/12/07.</b> Added prohibiton against duplicative or nonsense groups.</p> <p> <b>7/1/07.</b> Added prohibition against reposting flagged content.</p> <p> <b>1/2/07.</b> Added "Participating in Translation" link. Reordered items a bit.</p> <p> <b>12/17/06.</b> Added "sock puppets" to "shell accounts." Edited some of the "don't be a jerk," for brevity not content.</p> <p> <b>12/11/06.</b> Added "Participating in Talk and Groups." Removed "Intellectual Property and Reverse Engineering" clause.</p> <p> <b>9/11/06.</b> Added part about use by booksellers to "Individual accounts".</p> <p> <b>8/21/06.</b> Updated "Individual accounts" section to link to information about organizations.</p> <p> <b>4/3/06.</b> Added section on "Automated Input and Retrieval," and second paragraph of "Individual accounts."</p> <p> <b>11/8/05.</b> Added IP and reverse engineering clause.</p> <p> <b>11/8/05.</b> Made it clearer that your username can't be an insult, general or specific, or use a term that suggests you run the website.</p> <p> <b>10/3/05.</b> Added rule about empty libraries.<br> Added rule about couples and other family groupings not being considered organizations." pending ArloJamesBarnes
ancestry "Effective Date of our Revised Terms and Conditions:</strong> 25 Jul 2019" approved Peepo
Vimeo "Terms of Service Agreement <p>Last Updated: May 21, 2020" pending Peepo
Medtinker "1. Privacy Policy Last updated: 01.06.2018" approved Medtinker There is a date of the last update of the terms changes-requested NN
SpigotMC There is a date of the last update of the terms approved Photon
vudu "</p>Terms of Service<p> </p> <p>Last update: 11/13/2017" approved Peepo
Disqus "Updated May 24, 2018" approved ToS;DRemuedu
Roblox "Last Updated:</strong> July 6, 2018" declined Noxiz Podcast "Effective 12 October 2018*" approved mikkkael
Humble Bundle "Last modified on August 6, 2018 and effective on August 6, 2018." approved RadioSignal "Stand: Karlsruhe, 13.05.2019" approved mikkkael
Internet Archive "31 Dec 2014" approved mikkkael
Roblox "<strong>Last Updated:</strong> July 6, 2018" declined Noxiz
Roblox "Last Updated:</strong> April 06, 2018" declined Noxiz
Roblox "<strong>Last Updated</strong>: May 30, 2018</p>" declined Noxiz
Spark for Appraisers "End User License Agreement <i>Revised: 7/21/2020 New details on privacy/use/terms that existed but were not explicitly stated</i>" approved bjreich7
Observable "Effective date: March 12, 2019" approved Jed Fox
NordVPN "the date of the most current wording of the Terms is indicated at the top of the web page." changes-requested kkylemr
Airbnb "Last Updated: April 16, 2018" draft chris
Guidefox "This document was last updated on June 26, 2020</p>" pending jono1234
Spinonline "Last updated on 08/02/2019" approved (deactivated)
JSTOR "<p>Last updated on August 14, 2018" approved javi
Roblox "Last Updated:</strong> May 23, 2018" declined Noxiz
MyAnimeList "LAST UPDATED: July 31, 2018</p>" approved Peepo
Fandom "Date of Last Revision: January 29, 2020" approved Peepo
Discord "Last modified: October 16, 2018." draft eilidhmax
Tik Tok "We will also update the “Last Updated” date at the top of this policy" changes-requested spylee
Chilliapps - Abandonment Protector "Version Date: May 28, 2018" approved ToS;DRemuedu
Kahoot! "<p>Last updated: November 6, 2018" approved (deactivated)
New York Times There is a date of the last update of the terms approved user 125
Duolingo "</ol>Last revised on December 11th, 2017" approved SeanColombo
BBC "BBC Privacy and Cookies Policy <p> Page updated: August 2019" approved Peepo
Royal Society of Chemistry Publications "Privacy statement <p> <strong>Last updated: 24th May 2018" approved alansmith
Bible Gateway "Effective September 9, 2010" approved Peepo
Patook "When we post changes to this Privacy Policy, we will revise the "last updated" date at the top of this Privacy Policy" approved jxr2272 "Version history <ul> <li>August 1, 2016: First version posted</li> </ul>" pending ArloJamesBarnes
Discord "Last modified: JUNE 14, 2018.</li> <li> <p>Effective: MAY 25, 2018.</p>" approved EdwardWall
Strava "Effective Date: October 15, 2018" approved Peepo
QuickBooks " <strong>Last Revised September 2019." pending JusBer
Scratch "<p> <i>The Scratch Privacy Policy was last updated: May 23, 2018</i>" approved 120thduck
Tellonym "Effective Date: March, 14 2019." approved Nickwasused
New York Times "Last updated on January 3rd, 2019" approved Sandova
New York Times "Last Updated on May 24, 2018" approved Sandova
Patreon "Last updated on December 18, 2018</p>" approved unshippedozone
Evernote "Effective Date: August 28, 2017" approved Peepo
Plex Solutions "<p>Revised January 1, 2020" approved isiahw1
Custom Ink "<i>Last updated on: 6/10/2016</" approved Peepo
Blender Market There is a date of the last update of the terms changes-requested Nit_Pick
ICS / Masjid Tucson " <p>Last updated Jan 2019" draft usi
WebMD "Last updated on April 15, 2019" draft Peepo
Herbalife "Terms of Use<p> Last Revised: February 2, 2017.</p>" approved Peepo
Wikipedia "This version was approved by Katherine Maher on May 17, 2018, pursuant to the Delegation of policy-making authority by the Board, and went into effect on May 24, 2018. " approved Asotyheaty
Stack Overflow "Last update: May 21, 2018" approved EdwardWall
ICS / Masjid Tucson There is a date of the last update of the terms draft usi
Todoist "Effective Date: September 27th, 2018" approved EdwardWall "Stand: 21.05.2019" approved mikkkael
Brainly "<em>Last modified May 24, 2018" approved (deactivated)
ICS / Masjid Tucson "Last updated Jan 2019</em>" approved usi
IMDb "Last Updated, February 8, 2018</b>" approved (deactivated)
Imgur "Your Privacy Rights – Effective July 9, 2018 </p> <p>" approved Peepo
weebly "Last updated November 6, 2017</strong> " approved Peepo
reddit "Last Revised March 21, 2018" approved Peepo
Metacafe "Last updated: October 3, 2012" pending kitcallie
Brave "LAST UPDATED: FEB 11, 2019" approved denishdk
OpenWrt Forum "It was last updated be OpenWrt, August 30, 2016." approved mikkkael
Kitsu "Version 1.0, December 1, 2016" approved megumin
Gab "<em>Last updated: January 2nd, 2017" approved Therapy Snek "Last updated: June 07, 2019" approved Nickwasused
MySudo "Terms of Service <p>Last updated: July 3, 2018</" approved (deactivated) "May 25, 2018</p>" approved denishdk
DiscourseHosting "This document was last updated on October 18, 2013" approved user 104
Minecraft "Last Updated: June 24, 2015</p> <br>" approved Peepo
Apple "The Apple Privacy Policy was updated on May 22, 2018." approved XP64
Apple iCloud "Last revised: September 19, 2017" draft XP64
wikia "Date of Last Revision: December 6, 2018" approved LuneSirius
directly - CX Automation; Experts at the heart of AI "<p>Effective Date: Last Updated as of March 18, 2019." declined ToS;DRemuedu
directly - CX Automation; Experts at the heart of AI "<p>Effective Date: Last Updated as of March 18, 2019." approved ToS;DRemuedu
WaniKani "<br>Last updated: August 29, 2014</p>" approved lucasdpr
Quora "Quora Terms of Service</b> </p> <p> <i>Last</i> <i>Updated: December 18, 2017" approved Peepo
Fur Affinity "Terms of Service <strong>Updated:</strong> 5/25/2018" approved LuneSirius
Presearch "Changelog <p>Version 1.0 - November 9th, 2017</p> <p>Initial terms &amp. conditions for beta release</p>" approved Tsuser
TechSmith | "This Privacy Notice is effective as of June 29, 2018.</strong>" approved ToS;DRemuedu
Amazon AWS "Last Updated: February 4, 2019" approved LuneSirius
Pexgle "Last updated: January 21, 2019</" approved ToS;DRemuedu
meetup "Privacy Policy Notice <p> <em>Effective:</em> May 25, 2018<br> (<em>view previous versions:</em> 3/28/17, 3/29/16, 5/23/10)</p> " approved arthurlutz
Pornhub "Last modified date: May 18, 2018" draft alison "Last updated" changes-requested metacoz "Last updated" changes-requested metacoz
Digital Advertising Platform | ReklamStore "Last Update: May 2018</strong> </p>" approved ToS;DRemuedu
Shopify "Last updated on: February 5, 2019" approved ToS;DRemuedu
Mailchimp "Updated September 13, 2018.</em> </p>" approved ToS;DRemuedu
ShapeShift "Last Modified: February 13, 2019" approved barelyaware
Presearch "Changelog <p>Version 1.0 - November 9th, 2017</p> <p>Initial terms &amp. conditions for beta release</p>" changes-requested Tsuser
Akamai There is a date of the last update of the terms pending arthurlutz
OpenWeatherMap "CHANGES TO THE PRIVACY NOTICE AND YOUR DUTY TO INFORM US OF CHANGES&nbsp. <p>This version was last updated on 23 May 2018 and historic versions are archived here OR can be obtained by contacting us." approved arthurlutz
Nabu Casa "Change log <ul> <li>September 16, 2018: Initial version</li> " approved arthurlutz
twitch "please take a look at the “last modified” legend at the top of this page to see when this Cookie Policy was last revised." approved LuneSirius
Google "<p>Last modified: October 25, 2017" approved LuneSirius
Thumbzilla "Last Modified: May 19, 2018" approved ToS;DRemuedu
BitChute "This document was last updated on April 23rd, 2018." approved ToS;DRemuedu
wikimedia "This page was last edited on 18 July 2018, at 14:07." pending Bananos
Anki "UPDATED October 5, 2018" approved arthurlutz
bitly "Effective Date: March 12, 2019" approved ToS;DRemuedu
Speedtest by Ookla "Ookla® Terms Of Use <p>Effective February 21, 2019" draft Peepo
HERE Technologies | HERE "Service Terms Effective date:&nbsp;04/12/2015" approved ToS;DRemuedu
Speedtest by Ookla "<p>Effective May 14, 2019</p> " draft Peepo
Fandango "These Terms of Use (these “Terms”) were last updated on: July 1, 2020." approved Peepo
vk There is a date of the last update of the terms pending
goodreads "Terms of Use <p> This Agreement was last revised on Dec 6, 2017." approved Peepo
Sonic Drive-in "<em> Last Updated: February 6, 2019" approved Peepo
Shmoop "As of April 1, 2016" approved jessew
Лабиринт "Дата последнего изменения <b>28.11.2018" approved unshippedozone
pixabay "Terms of Service <p>Date of Last Revision: January 09, 2019</p>" approved ToS;DRemuedu
yelp "<strong>Last Updated on November 27, 2012</strong>." draft okfifi
Discord "Last modified: October 19, 2018." approved id523a
Crowdin "Last update: November 1, 2018" approved unshippedozone
HQ "<strong>Effective Date of Terms of Use</strong>: July&nbsp;6, 2017</p>" approved Chew
allrecipes "Terms of Service AgreementEffective Date: March 16, 2017" approved Peepo "Last updated: 26th February, 2019</p> <p>(in effect from 26th March, 2019. to view currently applicable Privacy Policy click here)" approved Sandova
Project Gutenberg "Terms of use for the Project Gutenberg website as of January 1, 2014 (updated April 17, 2016)." approved unshippedozone
Mailfence "Last updated on June 21, 2017." approved TheoDutch
SourceHut There is a date of the last update of the terms changes-requested ddevault
Codeaco "<small>Last updated 8/15/2020" approved SheepDog
ISODME "Last Revised: 2019-04-15 13:43 EDT" approved SchoolBusesC2
OpenWrt Forum "It was last updated May 31, 2013." approved mikkkael
WhatsApp "Terms Of ServiceLast modified: August 25, 2016" approved Peepo
vinted "<strong>Date of last revision: 19&nbsp;JANUARY, 2018" approved LuneSirius
Tactical Tech "Policy last updated</strong>: 30 May 2018</p" approved ToS;DRemuedu
ShapeShift "May 2019" approved barelyaware
Vox "<i>Updated and Effective as of December 11, 2018" approved Peepo
Rampow "This policy is effective as of 18 May 2018." approved mikkkael
Rampow "<p>This policy is effective as of 18 May 2018." declined mikkkael
VirusTotal "<strong>Last Updated May 9, 2019" changes-requested mikkkael
Abine Blur There is a date of the last update of the terms pending tigery
SpielAffe "Diese Datenschutzerklärung wurde zuletzt am 04.06.2019 aktualisiert." approved mikkkael "Stand: Karlsruhe, 18.06.2019" approved mikkkael
Dropbox "Posted: April 17, 2018</p> <p>Effective: May 25, 2018" approved ToS;DRemuedu
Shmoop "As of July 17, 2015" approved jessew
HP-67 There is a date of the last update of the terms declined sir_bruce
HP-67 There is a date of the last update of the terms changes-requested sir_bruce
HP-67 There is a date of the last update of the terms declined sir_bruce
TunnelBear "July 16, 2018" approved cherryblossom
TunnelBear "July 16, 2018" declined cherryblossom
kongregate "Effective as of November 1, 2018.</em> </p> 1." approved Esmooth
AnkiWeb "Last updated 2018-09-02." approved unshippedozone
AnkiWeb "Last updated 2018-10-17.</i> " approved unshippedozone
Wizards of the Coast "Privacy Policy <p>Last Updated: June 30, 2018" approved Novelyst
Roll20 "Document History <p>2018, September 11th: GDPR Compliance and Clarificaton." approved jarlavgrenland
allrecipes "Terms of Service AgreementEffective Date: March 16, 2017<p>" approved Peepo
meetup "Terms of Service <em>Last Updated: </em> March 28, 2017" approved Peepo
symantec "Last updated on June 3, 2019" declined Quited255
Overleaf "</p> <p>Last Modified: 20th March 2019</p> <p>" approved AlexhasaHorn
420A3.Com "Last updated July 4, 2019" pending
Fox News "Terms of Use Agreement <p>Effective as of October 26, 2016" approved Peepo
Flight Rising "(Last Updated: 05/25/2018" pending Novelyst
Flight Rising "This Privacy Policy was last updated on October 3, 2018.</p>" pending Novelyst
IFTTT "Terms of Use <p>As of November 2, 2016</p>" approved Peepo
SoundCloud "Last Amended:</strong> 25 May 2018</p>" approved Peepo
allrecipes "Terms of Service AgreementEffective Date: March 16, 2017<p>" approved Peepo
Zappos "Terms of Use<p>Last Updated: September 14, 2015" approved Peepo
Forbes "FORBES<sup>®</sup> Website Terms of Service <p> <i>Revised and posted as of: November 5, 2015" approved Peepo
pocket "Terms of Service <em>Posted February 12, 2018" approved Peepo
Honey "Last updated September 5, 2019" approved JusBer
Whirlpool "Terms Of Use <p>Last updated: March 26, 2019</p>" approved Peepo
Discovery "Last updated February 10, 2015.<" approved Peepo
Trello "These Cloud Terms of Service will go into effect on November 1, 2018 at which time they will replace the Atlassian Customer Agreement and Trello Terms of Service." approved Peepo
JetBrains "<strong>Website Terms of Use</strong> <strong>Version 2.0, last updated: May 18th, 2018" approved Peepo
PlayStation Network "<p>2018-09-20</p> TERMS OF SERVICE AND USER AGREEMENT" approved Peepo
Urban Dictionary "<p>Updated: October 2017" approved Peepo
myspace "<strong>Effective Date:</strong> This Agreement was last revised on May 24, 2018." approved Peepo
World Vision "These Terms of Use are effective as of July 15, 2013." pending Peepo
National Geographic "The Terms were last updated on 16 July 2019." approved Peepo
Healthline "Terms of Use <p>Last updated: 08/19/2019</p>" approved Peepo
Spotify "Effective as of February 7, 2019" approved Nexus " Inc.’s Terms of Use<p>(Updated May 1, 2018)" approved Peepo
pinterest "Effective Date&nbsp;May 1, 2018<br> Last updated June 28, 2019</p> </li> " approved unshippedozone
Khan Academy "<p>Last Updated: August 1, 2019" approved retrocraft
McDonald's "Terms and Conditions for McDonald’s Online Services (USA) <p>Last updated: March 13, 2017<br> (McDonald’s address update: January 18, 2019. non-substantive update for accessibility: May 15, 2019)</p>" approved Peepo
Wikipedia "These Terms of Use went into effect on June 16, 2014." approved Asotyheaty
etsy "This policy was published on June 25, 2019. It will take effect on July 25, 2019." approved Peepo
osu! "<p>L" pending Coppertine
InfoSec Handbook "We updated this page on November 5, 2019." pending komo
Byte "Last updated: January 23, 2020" approved donno
Zapier "Date of Last Revision: March 03, 2020" pending JusBer
Pepper&Carrot " in May 2018 " declined ArloJamesBarnes
Quake "This Privacy Policy was last updated November 22, 2010.</p>" pending stefvanschie
Huawei "Statement was updated on<br>April 15, 2018" pending mikkkael
hulu "Effective Date: September 13, 2018<br> " pending parent5446
Jagex "Date July 24<sup>th</sup>, 2018.</p>" pending stefvanschie
Cloze "Effective: April 26, 2018" pending JusBer
Salesmate "This Privacy Policy was last updated on April 10, 2019." pending JusBer
Hacker Wars "Last Updated: 10/12/2019" pending CRD716
YouTube Kids "Dated: August 7, 2019" pending kitcallie
Politics & War "<p>This Agreement was last modified on April 15, 2014." pending cooldreamer
Dailymotion "Last Update: May 23rd, 2018" pending kitcallie
Dailymotion "Last Updated: May 23rd 2018" pending kitcallie
SurveyMonkey "Versions: February 27, 2019 (current) January 2, 2019 April 11, 2018 June 2, 2016 July 8, 2015 (International) January 1, 2015 (International) June 25, 2013 March 28, 2012 (International) December 12, 2011 (U.S.) July 21, 2010 (International) June 23, 2010 (U.S.) May 28, 2008 (U.S.) Wufoo Terms of Service (archived) <p>LAST UPDATED: FEBRUARY 27TH, 2019</p> <p>These Terms of Use are effective upon acceptance for new users, and from January 18, 2019 for existing users.</p> <p>Highlighted text represents any recent changes to our Terms of Use.</p>" pending CRD716
RuneScape "Privacy Policy <p>Version 0.1</p> <p>Date May 25<sup>th</sup>, 2018.</p> " pending CRD716
RuneScape "Privacy Policy <p>Version 0.1</p> <p>Date May 25<sup>th</sup>, 2018.</p>" pending CRD716
Electronic Frontier Foundation " <em>Updated on June 2, 2014 to reflect the possible collection of information for research datasets.</em> </p> <p> <em>Updated on February 4, 2015 to correct typographical errors.</em> </p> <p>Previous Privacy Policies for Software and Technology Projects:</p> <ul> <li>Apr 21, 2014 - Jun 2, 2014</li> <li>Jun 3, 2014 - May 24, 2018</li> </ul>" pending CRD716
PayPal "User Agreement for PayPal Service <p>Effective date: May 31, 2018</p> Print Download PDF <p> <strong>Please note: The version of this Agreement marked “Current User Agreement for PayPal Service” set out immediately below is effective until Aug 31, 2018.  The version of this Agreement marked “Updated User Agreement for PayPal Service” further below will take effect and supersede the Current User Agreement for PayPal Service on Aug 31, 2018." pending CRD716
Classlink "Privacy Statement<br> <p> <em>Updated August 8, 2019</em> <br> </p>" pending CRD716
Code Combat " <em>Last Edited on 2018-05-22" pending CRD716
Scratch "The Scratch Terms of Use was last updated: April 2016" pending lisa_wolfgang
craigslist "Terms of Use ("TOU") (last updated August 16, 2019)." pending Peepo
craigslist "Privacy Policy <small>(updated July 9, 2015)</small>" draft Peepo
Bandcamp "Bandcamp Terms of Use <p>Effective Date: November 17, 2017</p>" approved Peepo "Terms of Service &amp. Privacy Policy <p> <strong> Last Updated on: May 25, 2018" pending Peepo
Grammarly "Terms of&nbsp;Service and License AgreementEffective as of August 30, 2019<p>" pending Peepo
FOK! "31-08-2019" pending Breuls
The Button Box "<em>Updated November, 2019" pending bboxjon
e621/e926 "Last Updated: 08/25/18 " pending TermsOfKC
slack "Last Updated: November 10, 2016" draft Isikyus
Dendreo "<strong>Version 1.6 datée du 6 Novembre 2019" pending
RuneScape "We may change these terms and conditions to reflect: (a) changes in applicable laws. (b) regulatory or security requirements. (c) relevant guidance or codes of practice. (d) technical alterations to Jagex Products. and (e) to improve clarity and consistency.</p> <p>Please check the terms and conditions whenever you use a Jagex Product. If you are not a Subscriber, we will treat your continued use of a Jagex Product as acceptance of these changes from their effective date (as shown above)." pending sansmaeda4life
SparkNotes "These terms were last revised on August 6, 2010." pending cherryblossom
Yubico "Updated December 13nd, 2019" pending JusBer
Furaffinity duplicate of /services/403 There is a date of the last update of the terms pending donno
Houzz "<p>Effective January 1, 2020" pending greatlakes
Houzz "<p>Effective January 1, 2020" pending greatlakes
Dribbble "Updated October 4, 2019" approved donno "December 30, 2019" pending donno
Surfshark "13. When was this policy last updated? <p>August 22, 2019." pending donno
DeepL "Last updated: October 2019" pending donno
Letterboxd "This policy was last updated in July 2019 and is effective from 31 July 2019." approved donno
Pocket Casts "the new Privacy Policy.</p> <p> <strong>Effective Date: 18 September 2019" pending donno
OpenStreetMap "OpenStreetMap Foundation Services Terms of Use <p> <i>Adopted by the OSMF board on September the 20th 2018.</i>" pending donno "New version - updated on October 4th, 2019 and effective as of October 9, 2019" pending unshippedozone
Jumbo Privacy "This policy was last updated on August, 2nd, 2019.<" pending donno
EBSCO "<p>LAST UPDATED: January 1, 2020" pending penguintamer
mozilla There is a date of the last update of the terms pending Dew
waze "<strong>Last modified: 17 May 2018</strong> " pending PhilZara
Houseparty "<p>Last Updated: June 11, 2018</p>" pending Sandova
Pirate Party Australia "<strong>Last updated:</strong> 20 March, 2019</p> All Pirate Party websites and services " pending jarlavgrenland
pocket "<em>Posted March 18, 2019</em>" pending Sandova
XVideos "If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will post the revised Privacy Policy on the Website and update the “Last Updated” date at the top of this Privacy Policy." pending jarlavgrenland
ICANN "<strong>Last Updated: 21 May 2018</strong>" approved (deactivated)
BetterHelp "The last update date of this Agreement is posted at the bottom of the Agreement." changes-requested (deactivated)
CNet "Effective Date November 15, 2017" approved (deactivated)
Adventurer's Codex "Conditions <p>Last Revised July 1, 2017. Effective July 1, 2017.</p> " pending jarlavgrenland
Adventurer's Codex "Privacy Policy Last modified on May 27th, 2018. Effective May 27th, 2018." pending jarlavgrenland
AnonAddy "Last Updated: 4th September 2019</p>" pending TOS_editor_02
TikTok-duplicate "Last updated: February 2019</em>" pending lutein678
RUNALYZE "Version: 1.1, 22.03.2018" pending TOS_editor_02
Media Markt Onlineshop " <p>Stand: Mai 2018, Version 2.0" pending mikkkael "erms Last update The policy has been last updated on 2020-04-20 " pending boldair
MuseScore ">Last updated September 17, 2019" pending dxniel
BlackBoard "This Statement was last updated on April 7, 2020." pending arthurlutz
Join Run "This policy is effective as of 1 January 2020.</p>" pending miharekar
Venmo "July 29, 2019" pending 1ethanhansen
Ubisoft "Last Updated: May 12, 2020</b> </p>" approved (deactivated)
Zapier "Date of Last Revision: December 18, 2019" pending JusBer
Turnitin "Last Updated: 29th August 2018" approved AD59
Gab "August 18th, 2016</em>" pending cooldreamer
Gab "<em>Last updated: August 18th, 2016" pending cooldreamer "Terms of Use <p> <strong>Updated on:</strong> Tuesday 2 June 2015" approved donno
Pornhub "<p>Last Modified: March 9, 2020</p>" approved Peepo
adobe "Last updated: December 1, 2019" pending JustinBack
adobe "Published March 16, 2020" pending JustinBack
EteSync "Last modified: 27/03/2017" approved donno " Terms of Service<blockquote> <p> <strong>Updated June 8 2018" approved donno
keybase "Last updated: 4/4/15" approved jurius
Airbnb "Last Updated: November 1, 2019</p>" pending JusBer
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On 2020-08-24 04:39:32 UTC, miniming wrote:

กรณีการใช้งานที่แน่นอนคือเราได้ทำการอัปเดต แต่เราไม่ต้องการดำเนินการอัปเดตนี้โดยที่คุณไม่ได้เป็นผู้รับผิดชอบการอัปเดต ในสถานการณ์นี้คุณไปที่แดชบอร์ดของคุณและดำเนินการอัปเดตนี้ด้วยตนเอง แนะนำเกม PG SLOT ยอดนิยม การเปลี่ยนแปลงของเราจะถูกแคชและผู้ใช้ไม่สามารถมองเห็นได้เว้นแต่คุณจะอัปเดตนโยบายความเป็นส่วนตัวในทางใดทางหนึ่งหรือเรียกใช้การเปลี่ยนแปลงโดยใช้ปุ่มเฉพาะ