The service uses your personal data to employ targeted third-party advertising

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Amazon "Advertisers or ad companies working on their behalf sometimes use technology to serve the ads that appear on our sites directly to your browser. They automatically receive your IP address when this happens. They may also use cookies to measure the effectiveness of their ads and to personalize ad content. We do not have access to or control over cookies or other features that advertisers and third party sites may use, and the information practices of these advertisers and third party websites are not covered by our Privacy Notice or this Interest-Based Ads page. Please contact them directly for more information about their privacy practices." approved import script " It also enables us to serve you advertising and other relevant content on and off of the Services." approved Vincent (Mr. 404)
WhatsApp "" draft import script
Netflix "We also use cookies, as well as advertising identifiers, to learn more about our users and their likely interests, and to deliver and tailor marketing or advertising." approved import script
softpedia "Softpedia allows other companies, called third-party ad servers or ad networks, to serve advertisements within the Softpedia site." approved michielbdejong
Chequered Ink Ltd. The service uses your personal data to employ targeted third-party advertising changes-requested gamedevdan
Iron Horse Games "to measure reach and effectiveness of advertisement campaigns, to offer targeted advertising, to personalize experience by showing advertisements for products and services that are more likely to appeal to you (i.e. behavioral advertising)." approved featherwinglove
Iron Horse Games "<p>to enable certain ad serving features, such as, frequency capping (limiting the number of times a specific advertisement is presented to the same mobile device), etc." declined featherwinglove
Stack Overflow "Stack Overflow and its third party partners may collect and use your personal information to tailor your advertising experience" approved (deactivated)
CCleaner "</p> <p>We may partner with a third party either to display advertising on our site or to manage our advertising on this site and other sites. Our third party partner may use technologies such as cookies to gather information about your activities on this site and other sites in order to provide you advertising based upon your browsing activities and interests." approved user 104
pCloud "We share your Personal Data with advertising and analytical companies to deliver information relevant to you about new features and offers." pending Agnes de Lion
Sonic Drive-in "SONIC displays interest-based advertising using information you make available to us when you interact with us or our partners. For example, we might look at your purchases or browsing behavior. We might look at these activities on our website or the websites of others." draft Peepo
CNN "We may share certain information with parties to provide advertising to you based on your interests." approved Peepo
Carfax "CARFAX may also collect (for itself or through a third party service provider) information about pages visited, vehicles researched and viewed and other similar information to create a better user experience and to serve targeted advertising." approved o10903087
indiegogo "Provide you with targeted advertising based on your activity on our sites and applications and on third-party sites and applications." approved LuneSirius
YTMP3.CC "They may also be used to provide targeted advertising based on your country of origin and other personal information. </p>" approved Dr_Jeff
virgin The service uses your personal data to employ targeted third-party advertising approved Updog
WeTransfer "Business partners</strong>: we collaborate with advertising partners, marketing and communication agencies. We do this for (interest based) advertising, branding and reaching out to you. Our advertising partners implement their own tracking cookies which fall under their terms of services and privacy &amp. cookie statement. Please find a list of all third party cookies and their privacy policies here." pending Agnes de Lion
Yandex "<li>(third party) tracking / advertising cookies: these cookies collect information about users, sources of traffic, page visits and advertising displayed to you and followed by you. They enable us to display advertising which may be of interest to you based on collected Personal information." approved Agnes de Lion
Yandex "including offering more relevant search results and more personalised Sites and/or Services, as well as improving other Yandex products, applications and services;</p>" declined Agnes de Lion
Malwarebytes "<p>We partner with a third-party service provider to display advertising on our website or to manage our advertising on other sites. Our third-party service provider may use cookies or similar technologies in order to provide you advertising based upon your browsing activities and interests" approved Agnes de Lion
eBay " <p>We use cookies, web beacons or other similar technologies to deliver content tailored to your interests, including advertisements, in connection with the provision of our Services or within third-party online services (retargeting, remarketing)" approved Agnes de Lion
Cengage Cengage shares your personal data to employ targeted third-party advertising changes-requested user 843
Creative Commons "We may disclose de-identified and/or aggregated data for any purpose to third parties, including advertisers, promotional partners, and/or others.</li> " approved Agnes de Lion
Malwarebytes "<p>We partner with a third-party service provider to display advertising on our website or to manage our advertising on other sites. Our third-party service provider may use cookies or similar technologies in order to provide you advertising based upon your browsing activities and interests" declined Agnes de Lion
Fandango "<strong>Advertisers, Advertising Networks, and Other Third Parties:</strong> We may share information about how you use the Services and interact with content or ads to better tailor services, products, marketing and advertising on the Services and on third-party platforms. " approved Peepo
Healthline "Marketing</b>: We use the information We have to improve our advertising systems so We can show you relevant ads and measure the effectiveness and reach of ads and services." pending Agnes de Lion
BlaBlaCar "Please note that BlaBlaCar is using the services of third parties to learn about your usage of this website to optimize your user experience and to show you advertising outside of this website. These third parties (including, for example, advertising networks and providers of external services like web traffic analysis services) may also use cookies, over which we have no control.</p>" approved Agnes de Lion " Indeed may also share information about your behavior on the Site with third parties (including operators of third-party websites and/or social networking sites) in order to show you targeted advertisements and other content that has been customized for you." pending Agnes de Lion
Adobe "We also disclose personal information to other companies in the Adobe family and with advertising and sales partners consistent with your choices." approved Agnes de Lion
MeMail "The use of Facebook Pixel means that our advertisements on the platform (socalled “Facebook Ads”) will only be shown to those Facebook users who have previously visited our website or have indicated, through their usage behavior, that they are interested in certain topics or products." approved Agnes de Lion
WebMD " Our ad network vendors use technologies to collect information about your activities on the WebMD Sites and in our flagship WebMD App to provide you cookie-based targeted advertising on our WebMD Sites and on third party websites based upon your browsing activity and your interests.</p>" pending Agnes de Lion
MiiCharacters " Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and other sites on the Internet." approved jamesjpk123
Quora "To display interest-based advertising to you in the Quora Platform, to improve our advertising and measurement systems so we can show you relevant ads, and to measure the effectiveness and reach of ads and services." approved Agnes de Lion
New York Times "Third-Party Advertising</strong> </p> <p>Some of the services and advertisements included in the NYT Services, including on and within our mobile apps, are delivered or served by third-party companies, which may collect information about your use of the NYT Services.</p> <p>These companies place or recognize cookies, pixel tags, web beacons or other technology to track certain information about our NYT Services website users. For example, in the course of serving certain advertisements, an advertiser may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser in order to collect certain information about your use of the NYT Services." approved Sandova
hCaptcha "Analysis Cookies, among other things, collect information on how visitors use our Site, the content and products that users view most frequently, and the effectiveness of our third party advertising. Advertising Cookies assist in delivering ads to relevant audiences and having our ads appear at the top of search results. Cookies are either "session" Cookies which are deleted when you end your browser session, or "persistent," which remain until their deletion by you (discussed below) or the party who served the cookie. Full details on all of the Cookies used on the Site are available at our Cookie Disclosure table below.<br> <br>How to disable Cookies.<br>You can generally activate or later deactivate the use of cookies through a functionality built into your web browser. If you want to learn more about cookies, or how to control, disable or delete them, please visit for detailed guidance.<br> <br>We may link the information collected by Cookies with other information we collect from you pursuant to this Privacy Policy and use the combined information as set forth herein. Similarly, the third parties who serve cookies on our Site may link your name or email address to other information they collect, which may include past purchases made offline or online, or your online usage information.<br>" approved Agnes de Lion
Zillow "We participate in interest-based advertising. This means that when you use the Services, we or third party service providers or advertisers may use cookies (that they collect or that we provide to them) or other similar technologies to collect information about your use of the Services (including mobile applications) or your online activities over time and across different websites and devices." approved Agnes de Lion
The Guardian "We may also show you advertising on website based on your browsing patterns on other sites that we have obtained from our advertising partners.<br> </p> <p>Online retargeting is another form of online advertising that allows us and some of our advertising partners to show you advertising based on your browsing patterns and interactions with a site away from our sites.<br> </p> <p>For example, if you have visited the website of an online clothes shop, you may start seeing adverts from that same shopping site displaying special offers or showing you the products you were browsing. This allows companies to advertise to you if you leave their website without making a purchase.<br> </p> Advertising that we place on our site or on other sites <p>We also use personalised online advertising to promote our own products and services. This means that you may see advertising for our products and services on our sites (and our other platforms, such as Guardian Jobs) and when you are on other, third party websites, including social media platforms.<br>" approved user 178
Blizzard "to provide you targeted advertising based upon your interests." approved Dr_Jeff
Roblox "these third party advertising companies may use such information and information about your visits to the Service and other websites and services in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you, often referred to as behaviorally-targeted or re-targeted advertisements." approved lotushomerun
Custom Ink "Custom Ink may share your information directly with third parties, including so they may send you marketing offers directly. The information that we share with such third parties may include, without limitation, your email address, billing address, shipping address and order information (e.g., total price).</li>" approved Peepo
Niche "<p>We may share all categories of your personal information to selected outside companies, either by selling it or otherwise transferring it, to advertisers and other business partners that assist us in providing you with meaningful and relevant Services (each, collectively an “Advertiser”)." approved Peepo
TV Tropes TV Tropes uses your personal data to employ targeted third-party advertising approved Mixer
Bose "We will ask your permission before collecting your precise GPS location information. In such instances, we will use your precise geo-location information to provide customized services, content, promotional offers and other information that may be of interest to you." pending cloudtester
Amazon AWS "We use your personal information to market and promote AWS Offerings. We might display interest-based ads for AWS Offerings. To learn more, please read our Interest-Based Ads notice." approved Agnes de Lion
Discord "Advertisements</strong>: You may see our Service advertised in other applications or websites. After clicking on one of these advertisements and installing our Service, you will become a user of the Service. Advertising platforms, which include Twitter and Facebook (and whose SDKs are integrated within our Service), may collect information for optimizing advertising campaigns outside of the Service.</p> </li> </ul> " approved Dr_Jeff
Facebook "We use cookies to help us show ads and to make recommendations for businesses and other organizations to people who may be interested in the products, services or causes they promote." quote-not-found import script
Facebook "We allow advertisers to tell us things like their business goal, and the kind of audience they want to see their ads (for example, people between the age of 18-35 who like cycling). We then show their ad to people who might be interested. " pending Dr_Jeff
Genius "Online Behavioral Advertising:</strong> Some of our advertising (“Behavioral Advertising”) involves using tracking tools such as cookies, pixel tags, and web beacons, to collect information about a user’s online activities (over time and across non-affiliated websites and applications) and providing ads to the user based the user’s interests (as inferred from the user’s online activity) or use of our Service. " approved Agnes de Lion
Nexon "We allow third parties, including our analytics providers, advertising networks, and other advertising service providers, to collect information about your use of the Services across your applications and your different devices using cookies and similar technologies. These third parties may use this information to display advertisements on our Services and elsewhere online across different sites and services tailored to your interests, preferences, and characteristics." approved (deactivated)
ASKfm "Our partners also may collect information directly from your device, such as your IP address, device ID (which in some countries is considered as personal data) or similar information regarding the location of your mobile device. may combine our personal and non-personal information about you with information from other sources. and may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser. If we are sharing ANY data that is considered to be personal data by the appropriate laws of the country in which you live, we will always ask your consent before we use your data in this way (and you can ask us to stop at any time)." approved (deactivated)
Plex Solutions "<p>From time to time, we may contract with third-party marketing partners and advertising networks that use cookies and similar technologies to collect information about your visits to and actions on certain pages of our site and about whether you open certain emails we send you. We do this in order to serve advertisements for relevant Plex products and services to you later, such as when you are on certain third-party sites, and to measure the performance of our messages." approved (deactivated)
MapQuest "The use of DART cookies by Google enables them to serve adverts to visitors that are based on their visits to this website as well as other sites on the internet.</p>" approved Agnes de Lion
tripadvisor " We have partnered with Facebook to provide personalized content on TripAdvisor for members of Facebook. " pending Agnes de Lion
myspace "This includes sharing of certain information about you with our Viant-affiliate companies and others, and for users who reside outside of the European Economic Area (“EEA”), includes for targeted, interest based advertising." pending Agnes de Lion
Disqus "Disqus uses, and also engages third party ad partners and affiliates who use, [cookie IDs, device IDs (including mobile), hashed email addresses, IP address, ISP and browser information, demographic or interest data, content viewed and actions taken on the Service or Partner Sites,  including information about the websites you’ve viewed and advertisements you’ve interacted within order to provide you with more relevant advertising targeted to your preferences and interests derived from your interaction with the Service, Partner Sites or other third party websites." pending Agnes de Lion

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