Third parties used by the service are bound by confidentiality obligations

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CCleaner "We or our contractors, subsidiaries, affiliates, representatives, agents, or resellers who are working on our behalf undertake regular maintenance of your personal data. All third parties must agree to observe the privacy of our users, and to protect the confidentiality of their personal information." approved user 104
Tumblr "Agents with whom we share such information for these reasons are generally bound by confidentiality obligations and, unless we tell you differently, our Agents do not have any right to use information we share with them beyond the scope and duration of what is necessary to assist us." approved import script
Delicious [bad] delicious new terms 5. third party services get access to personal information draft import script
Amazon "They have access to personal information needed to perform their functions, but may not use it for other purposes." approved Photon
Royal Society of Chemistry Publications "We will have in place an agreement with our service providers which will restrict how they are able to process your personal information." approved Vincent (Mr. 404)
Minds Third parties used by the service are bound by confidentiality obligations pending Therapy Snek
WaniKani "<p>These third parties have access to your Personal Information only to perform these tasks on our behalf and are obligated not to disclose or use it for any other purpose.</p> <p>" approved lucasdpr
vinted "These companies – our vendors – are contractually bound to use personal information that we share with them only to perform the services we have hired them to provide.&nbsp. Each company must agree to use reasonable security procedures and practices, appropriate to the nature of the information involved, in order to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.</p>" approved LuneSirius
GOV.UK "We do not allow Google to use or share our analytics data." pending jonheslop
Dropbox "Others working for Dropbox</em>. Dropbox uses certain trusted third parties (for example, providers of customer support and IT services) to help us provide, improve, protect, and promote our Services. These third parties will access your information only to perform tasks on our behalf in compliance with this Privacy Policy, and we'll remain responsible for their handling of your information per our instructions." pending (deactivated)
FullContact "We contractually require Developers to not, and to require their customers to not, use such data for the purposes of cookie tracking, ad exchanges, ad networks, data brokerages, and sending electronic communications (including email) in violation of applicable law." pending Jake
ICANN "We require that these parties agree to handle this information in compliance with appropriate confidentiality obligations and security measures." approved (deactivated)
iStudiez "<li>We may disclose the minimum of your information with trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential" approved (deactivated)
godaddy "<p>We only share your personal data as necessary for any third party to provide the services as requested or as needed on our behalf. These third parties (and any subcontractors) are subject to strict data processing terms and conditions and are prohibited from utilizing, sharing or retaining your personal data for any purpose other than as they have been specifically contracted for (or without your consent)." approved (deactivated)
VirusTotal "Partners that participate in VirusTotal are bound by contract to only use the Samples for internal security purposes in compliance with our Terms of Service to detect malicious code and to improve their antivirus engines." pending mikkkael
Phone2Action "The Sub-Processors are bound by law and/or contract to protect the confidentiality and security of Personal Data, and to only process your Personal Data to provide requested services and only act on our documented instructions.</p>" pending dylankuhn
FastMail "<li>where we transfer your personal information outside of FastMail or to third parties who help provide our services, we obtain contractual commitments from those third parties to protect your personal information" pending lemmings
FastMail "We require all our service providers and third parties to respect the confidentiality and security of Personal Information and our contracts with them generally include obligations for them to comply with applicable privacy laws and to use any personal information we share with them solely for the purpose of providing services to us.</li>" pending lemmings
edX "EdX requires third parties to: (1) abide by this Privacy Policy and applicable law. (2) handle Personal Information in a confidential manner and maintain adequate security. and (3) use Personal Information only as needed to fulfill the relevant purpose(s)." approved nolawyer

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Meaning of Confidential Information. For all motivations behind this Agreement slotxo , the term Confidential Information will by and large allude to all non-open data or material unveiled or gave by one gathering to the next, either orally or recorded as a hard copy, or acquired by the beneficiary party from an outsider or some other source, concerning any part of the business or issues of the other party or its partners