This service tracks which web page referred you to it

Classification: bad

Weight: 50

Service Title Rating Status Author
BitDefender "or the referral website that sent you to Bitdefender websites." approved Dr_Jeff
Akshit's Blog "Referring Page</b>: This helps me with understanding where the website is getting the most number of audience from." draft akshitk
WeTransfer "WeTransfer only checks the (one) website you visited prior to your visit to one of our websites. We do not track the website you visit after you leave our website." pending Agnes de Lion
tripadvisor " For example, we will collect session data, including your IP address, Web browser software, and referring website." pending Agnes de Lion
Redbubble "the referrer website," approved Peepo
The Guardian "including information on how you were referred to our sites via another website." approved Peepo
Zillow "Collected information may include the content you view, the date and time that you view this content, and the website that referred you to the Services," approved Agnes de Lion
Quizlet "This data includes details of how you used our service, like your search queries, clicks and site navigation information, or study activity. It also may include data such as:</p> <ul> <li>Browser type</li> <li>Language preference and time zone</li> <li>Referring site," approved Peepo
AliExpress This service tracks which web page referred you to it approved ProjectELP "Referral Tracking</strong> We use cookies to associate user activity with the third party website that referred the user to our Site, or to associate user activity that Indeed referred to a third party website. These third party partner websites receive credit for the activity of users they refer to our Site, or give Indeed credit for the activity of users referred to such third party websites." approved Peepo
World Vision "The recorded IP address tells us which domain you visited from (for instance,," pending Peepo
ChatPiServer "We use your data to provide and improve the Service." pending Code: Hacked
Vimeo "the web page you visited or search query you entered before reaching us," approved Peepo
McDonald's "referring website (a site that has led you to ours) or application;" approved Peepo
Planio "This data may contain a timestamp of the access, information about the browser used (user-agent), the Internet address, from which the requested page has been called (referrer), et al." approved Peepo
Vox "the websites that referred them to our Services," approved Peepo
Taskade "the referring and exit websites" pending (deactivated)
edX "how you find or may be referred to the edX Site" approved nolawyer

On 2019-05-18 11:10:46 UTC, michielbdejong wrote:

For instance "The URL of the last webpage you visited before visiting the Site"