The service does not use third-party analytics or tracking platforms

There are no Google Analytics or other tracking codes embedded in the service. Any tracking is performed by the service itself.

Classification: good

Weight: 25

Service Title Rating Status Author
Netsyms Technologies "Analytical data does not move outside Netsyms servers, and you cannot be identified with it" approved skylarmt Curator
Bits of Freedom "Via onze website(s) zullen nooit cookies of andere trackers van derden geladen worden.</li> <li>We respecteren Do Not Track headers, sterker nog we moedigen het gebruik ervan, en van cookie-blockers, aan" approved vincentjacobs
PrivacyTools "privacytoolsIO uses a self-hosted Matomo install to track visitor data." changes-requested jonah
Smartmessages "We do not use any third party services that require cookies. We don't use any tracking scripts either. you'll find all our sites are unpolluted by google, facebook, and other trackers" approved Synchro
Pixelcat Productions JBAuth "We do not have any "data-share-partnerships" with other companies, thus we only have the info you gave us.<" approved-not-found JustinBack ToS;DR " <strong>NO TRACKING COOKIES</strong> 420A3 Does not use Google Analytics, Google Ads or any other 3rd party tracking or ad delivery software." declined rambos_ride "Third Party Advertisers <p>We DO NOT permit advertisements to be delivered to you by third party Internet advertising companies (also called ad networks or network advertisers). " approved
Pepper&Carrot " <p>I don't use analytic services," approved ArloJamesBarnes Curator
AnonAddy "We do not use Google Analytics or any other analytics/tracking (unless you count server logs mentioned above) on our site.</p>" approved TOS_editor_02
Join Run "We do not and never will sell any information about you to 3rd parties" approved miharekar
Perfect Privacy VPN "we do not record or log any user traffic so potential sharing such data with third parties is technically impossible" declined DRX
Poker-Engine "We do not use marketing and analytical cookies, we do not use cookies for advertising and exchange and cookies of social networks." approved Cript
ctrlaltdev "does not collect or share your information " changes-requested ctrlaltdev

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