This service only uses temporary session cookies

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Service Title Rating Status Author
Akshit's Blog "These cookies are stored on your browser for a period of 24 hours." draft akshitk
WindowsLogic Productions "We do not use cookies for tracking purposes." approved-not-found user 308
10minutemail "A temporary cookie is used to allow the service to deliver the e-mail to the right person, but will expire when you close your browser." approved-not-found (deactivated)
ICS / Masjid Tucson "We do not use cookies except for some dynamic content, and for which only session cookies are used.</" approved usi Curator
Wikipedia "Make the Wikimedia Sites more convenient to use, such as by using cookies to maintain your session when you log in or to remember your username in the login field.</li>" changes-requested import script Bot
Pinterest "When we use cookies, we may use “session” cookies (that last until you close your browser) " declined (deactivated)
Open Humans "When you log in to your account, Open Humans will place a cookie for the purposes of creating the session, knowing when you’re logged in, and validating form submissions." approved ArloJamesBarnes Curator
ToS;DR "We do not use cookies" declined (deactivated)
GOV.UK "The cookie is deleted when you close your browser" declined jonheslop
MiiCharacters " may use cookies to store information such as personal preferences, user-specific information, or other information sent via your browser. This information is used to personalize and enhance your experience on the site." declined jamesjpk123
Hinterland Games "while a user is on our website." declined Dr_Jeff ToS;DR
Mailfence "<li>Do we use cookies ? <br>Yes. Our cookies are "authentication cookies" and not "tracking cookies": we do not track you after your session on our servers." approved TheoDutch
osu! "Cookies <p>We use cookies, as does the rest of the internet. We strictly use them to maintain your session state and login credentials across multiple sessions. If you're allergic to cookies, please do not use our services." approved Coppertine
Newgrounds "We use cookies to store login tokens and minimal information that helps us identify progress or preferences across the site. For example, the forums store a timestamp of when you last visited. When you return to the site at a later date, the cookie containing that timestamp is used to identify new posts that you might not have read." approved Coppertine
Pepper&Carrot "The session ID expires in less than 24&nbsp;hours, after that a new one is generated. The language cookie labeled with plxMyMultiLingue keeps around for a month." approved ArloJamesBarnes Curator
The Button Box "uses cookies to keep track of items in your shopping cart, but this cookie is removed after checkout" draft bboxjon
Save Our Bank "The cookies we use are only those that are&nbsp;necessary for the functioning of the Save Our Bank site" approved shaunf
Save Our Bank "Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), these cookies are classed as 'necessary' and are not used for any marketing purposes." approved shaunf
Planio "A cookie will be stored on the user’s computer during the visit of the Planio website and automatically deleted upon the termination of his visit." approved Dr_Jeff ToS;DR
AnonAddy "For keeping track of authenticated sessions we use a small number of cookies." approved TOS_editor_02
Human Rights Foundation " If you log out of your account, the login cookies will be removed.</p> " approved ArloJamesBarnes Curator
Qwant "When you use Qwant, no personal information whatsoever is neither captured or transmitted to advertisers.<br> In details:<br> – No third party cookies<br> – No trackers<br> – No behavioral targeting<br> – No campaigns mixing legit and promotional content (native advertising)</p>" approved-not-found Vincent (Mr. 404) Curator
Smartmessages "When necessary, we use only secure, first-party session cookies, containing no identifiable data, that are deleted as soon as you close your browser window. Since these are strictly necessary for the operation of our site, we do not ask for consent (in accordance with PECR)." approved Synchro

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