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This service can be used without providing a user profile.

Classification: good

Weight: 50

Service Title Rating Status Author
ToSBack No need to register APPROVED JustinBack Staff
Ecosia "<p>To access certain features of the Website you have to register by entering your email and choosing a password as part of our security procedures." APPROVED CapoFantasma97
Open Book Publishers No need to register DECLINED javi Curator
Amnesty International Limited (UK) "Amnesty International" DECLINED Michael Curator
RationalWiki No need to register DECLINED Walter Klosse
HP-67 No need to register DECLINED sir_bruce
MusicBrainz "You do not have to provide any personal data to be able to browse the contents of the databases published by MetaBrainz." APPROVED phw
iFunny "n behalf of a business entity or third party, you warrant that you have actual authority to act as an agent of that business " DECLINED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Prezi "You don’t have to create an account to use some of our service features, such as searching and viewing public presentations." APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
NordVPN "Anyone may browse our website, install NordVPN application and mobile applications without signing up for the NordVPN Services" DECLINED kkylemr Curator
Goodreads " You do not have to register in order to visit Goodreads. " APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
DuckDuckGo No need to register APPROVED tigery
Paul Schroer - Photographer No need to register DECLINED Paul Schroer
Ali Reza Hayati's Personal Page No need to register APPROVED tough
IFTTT "Browsing the Site does not require you to register for an account or provide any personal information to us." APPROVED pederdm000 Staff
Khan Academy "You can use many features of the Service without registering for an account or providing any other personal information." APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
Sip Read Repeat (discontinued?) No need to register APPROVED WillGoad
Pocket Casts "If you choose not to create an account, and don’t use push notifications, no data is stored about you on our servers." APPROVED donno Curator
couchblog "Die Nutzung unserer Webseite ist in der Regel ohne Angabe personenbezogener Daten möglich. " APPROVED Buttermaster
Qwant "Qwant does not require you to register to use the search engine. However, you may wish to register to log in and personalize services." APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
Python Tutor No need to register DECLINED ravenclaw900
Bitly "You don’t need an Account to create Bitly Links" APPROVED napen123
Pragmatic Blog (DEPRECATED) No need to register APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
W3Schools "W3Schools requires no user registration." DECLINED denishdk Curator
F-Droid "You don’t need an account to use the client" APPROVED signed
United States Postal Service "We do not require you to register or provide personal information to visit our website.</p>" APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
iFunny " You don’t have to create an account to use many of the iFunny website and mobile application features, such as viewing posts" APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Ready Player Me "At least for now, you do not need to create an account to use the Services but this </p> <p>may change in the future." APPROVED reikousami Curator "Con carácter general para el acceso a los Servicios del Portal no será necesario el registro del Usuario." APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Open Collective "You may need to register for an account to access some or all of the Platform." APPROVED welda Curator
VPNHub "We will never require you to register or provide us any contact information to download or use our products." APPROVED welda Curator
Wurst Client "What I DON'T do: <ul> <li> <p>Collect your Minecraft usernames and/or passwords" DECLINED Alexander01998
Doctolib " <p>3.1 Tout Utilisateur peut accéder au Service d’Annuaire sans avoir besoin de se créer un compte." APPROVED welda Curator
LinkedIn " If you have chosen not to register for our Services, you may access certain features as a “Visitor.”</p>" APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Genius "Registration may not be required to view content on the Service, but even unregistered Users are bound by these Terms." APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff Personal Blog (DEPRECATED) No need to register APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
10minutemail No need to register APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Redbubble "You do not have to be a member to purchase a product." APPROVED private prawn Curator
KidzSearch " None of our features require an account for usage." APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Fritter No need to register APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
SpanishDict "Your Account.</strong> In order to access certain features of SpanishDict Properties, you must become a Registered User." APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Synonymo No need to register APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff "there is no login" APPROVED Aayan
Free Code Camp "You can access all of freeCodeCamp's articles, videos, podcasts, and interactive coding lessons without creating an account." APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Audacity "As a general comment our App does not require you to create an account or profiles" APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
CodeSandbox "Some parts of the Service are only available to you if you have a CodeSandbox Account." APPROVED private prawn Curator No need to register APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Paul Schroer - Photographer "Browsing this website does not require you to register for an account or provide any personal information to us.</p>" APPROVED Paul Schroer
Mojeek No need to register APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Blooket "Blooket permits registered users to invite visitors to the website. Visitors are only required to provide a username to play a game or complete a homework assignment." APPROVED rahulwavare
CurseForge (DEPRECATED) "Registration is optional If you choose to register, you create an Overwolf account and become a registered Member." APPROVED Karaaa
QuranIPFS No need to register DECLINED adelpro
Privacy Guides No need to register APPROVED MoeTsundere Suspended "without an account." APPROVED blackmine57
NurseryCam "our site does not require any log-in to view it" APPROVED jquadro
Jsbin "te”), you agre" DECLINED Rionnane
Jsbin "Anonymous User" DECLINED Rionnane
Transit "You are not required to indicate any preferences (including setting your home and work address) in order to use Transit, nor are you required to create a Transit account that records your email, since these are optional." APPROVED sierra
Danbooru No need to register DECLINED tobiko461
Oracle No need to register DECLINED (deactivated) Suspended
Opera "<p> <strong>You will need an Account.</strong> To use the Service, you must be at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity, and create a virtual account in the Opera browser (“Account”)." DECLINED ELP_JAPIS Curator
Snopes "Users may also use the Service without registering or creating a User account, however, this may cause limited availability of certain features or functions." APPROVED EarldridgeJazzedPineda
Poke No need to register APPROVED Ashley
Any.Run "Anonymous users are allowed to use the Services (or its separate functions) without the registration and for informational purposes only.</li> <li>Anonymous users are allowed to use the service in read-only mode.</li>" APPROVED EarldridgeJazzedPineda
GOV.UK "Creating an account is optional and all GOV.UK services are accessible with or without an account." APPROVED HelloWorld ", without an account." APPROVED pederdm000 Staff
The MUGEN Archive No need to register APPROVED AnonymousContributor
Wikipedia "Because we believe that you shouldn’t have to provide personal information to participate in the free knowledge movement, you may:</b> </p> <ul> <li>Read, edit, or use any Wikimedia Site without registering an account.</li>" APPROVED Asotyheaty
PrivacySpy "We do not store the personal information of any of our visitors, and it is not possible to sign up for an account.</p> <p>" APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
The Poster Database No need to register APPROVED Aayan
Blender "The Bender software is free to be downloaded and used without registration." APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Daylio " Application does not provide an option to create an account th" APPROVED levijneuwirth
WordArt "You may use this site with or without creating an account." APPROVED EarldridgeJazzedPineda
AppValley " <p>If you leave a comment on our site you may opt-in to saving your name, email address and website in cookies. These are for your convenience so that you do not have to fill in your details again when you leave another comment." APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Kodi "No registration is required to use the main Kodi website, or to download Kodi.</p>" APPROVED EarldridgeJazzedPineda "This website also provides an option to store site preferences, such as the theme or locale, without an account. " APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
SoundCloud "You don’t need to register for a SoundCloud account in order to visit or use our Platform. " APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Amethyst Craft "You may, however, visit our site without registering." APPROVED Deveroonie Curator
Conjuguemos "Teachers can choose to have their students interact with the site without having students provide any PII. This is done via the PLAY LIVE feature. When using the PLAY LIVE feature, students can access and use the Conjuguemos service without the need to create an account" APPROVED Hantalyte
RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse) "En principe, vous pouvez utiliser notre offre en ligne sans fournir vos données personnelles. " APPROVED welda Curator
CoolMathGames "We do not require you to register to use the App" APPROVED maxicode
El Mundo (Spain) " El acceso a los Contenidos del Sitio Web por parte de los Usuarios tiene carácter libre y gratuito para los 25 primeros accesos efectivos (según quedan definidos en el siguiente párrafo) que se realicen cada mes natural. " APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
JojoYou (PriEco) "Account is <strong>never</strong> required" APPROVED shadowwwind Staff
SimpleX Chat "The profile you create in the app is local to your device. When you create a user profile, no records are created on our servers, and we have no access to any part of your profile information, and even to the fact that you created a profile - it is a local record stored only on your device." DECLINED blazyrawr No need to register APPROVED Dimalsing
RationalWiki "<li>If you do not create an account, or fail to log in before editing, your IP address is recorded and made available to everyone reading that edit." PENDING ihavenocreativity313

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