User accounts can be terminated after having been in breach of the terms of service repeatedly

User accounts can only be terminated for having been in breach of the terms of service repeatedly, meaning they cannot be terminated without a reason, but only for a limited number of reasons. Additionally, user accounts will not be deleted after a first infringement.

Classification: good

Weight: 50

Service Title Rating Status Author
Netsyms Technologies "If you are misusing, abusing, or putting a large amount of strain on our systems, we will ask you to stop or to pay a small usage fee.&nbsp. If you disregard our requests, we reserve the right to terminate your account or otherwise block your access." approved skylarmt
Musik-Sammler "<li>Solltest du wiederholt gegen die Nutzungsbedingungen verstoßen, kann deine Mitgliedschaft bei durch uns beendet werden.</li> </ol> " declined Michael
Fiverr (delete) declined (deactivated)
Tik Tok "terminate accounts or limit access to the Services" declined spylee
SoundCloud "Repeat infringers Users who repeatedly infringe third party rights or breach our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines risk having their SoundCloud® accounts suspended or terminated, as explained in this section.</p>" approved Peepo
reddit "It is reddit's policy to close the accounts of users we identify as repeat infringers. We apply this policy at our discretion and in appropriate circumstances, such as when a user has repeatedly been charged with infringing the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others." approved Peepo
Wattpad "In appropriate circumstances, we will also terminate a user’s account if the user is determined to be a repeat infringer." declined LuneSirius
indiegogo "We reserve the right to delete or disable User Content alleged to be infringing, and to terminate user accounts for repeat infringers (in our sole discretion)." approved LuneSirius
Blogspot "We respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement and terminate accounts of repeat infringers according to the process set out in the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act.</p>" approved LuneSirius
NordVPN " Therefore, NordVPN reserves the right to suspend or terminate an account in case any violation of the Terms of Service becomes apparent." declined kkylemr
NordVPN "We reserve the right, at any time, in our sole discretion, with or without notice, to terminate the accounts of, and block access to the NordVPN Services to any users who infringe any applicable laws or these Terms" declined kkylemr
Roll20 "Breach of Terms <p>If you breach any of the terms and conditions in this document, your authorization to access or use Roll20 automatically terminates." pending jarlavgrenland
FastMail "FastMail may terminate your access to any part or all of the Service and any related service(s) effective immediately if you fail to comply with these Terms, or where required to by law.</p>" approved sinidj
Stack Overflow "To prevent bad actors from creating a negative community experience, we have outlined what we believe to be common sense rules for community participation and reserve the right to pause or terminate your account if you engage in disruptive, abusive, or nefarious behavior outside of Stack Overflow’s Acceptable Use Policy, which is hereby incorporated into these Public Network Terms.</li>" pending omhqit
Roblox "we reserve the right to take action against all of your accounts for any single or multiple violations" approved lotushomerun
BitChute "It is BitChute's policy to suspend and/or terminate Accounts that repeatedly infringe or are believed to be repeatedly infringing the rights of copyright holders." approved lotushomerun
Dailymotion "Dailymotion reserves the right also to terminate a User's account, if they are determined to be a repeat infringer" approved kitcallie
edX "It is edX's policy to terminate in appropriate circumstances the accounts of users of the edX Site who are repeat copyright infringers." pending nolawyer
Scratch "After three (3) strikes have been received, accounts belonging to the person will be blocked and standard measures will be taken to block their access to Scratch." approved ravenclaw900

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