Anonymity Can you use the service anonymously?

The terms sometimes describe the level of logging and the level of data collection and which kinds of data the service is processing. Anonymity or the right to use a pseudonym can be very important for freedom of expression (e.g. for people exercising a certain profession, or people living in authoritarian regimes).

Title Contributions Rating
You must provide your legal name, pseudonyms are not allowed 59
You are not allowed to use pseudonyms, as trust and transparency between users regarding their identities is relevant to the service. 24
Your profile is combined across various products 71
An onion site accessible over Tor is provided 12
This service will continue using anonymized user-generated content after erasure of personal information 7
You must provide your identifiable information 44
Alternative accounts are not allowed 41
Pseudonyms are allowed 100
Your provided identifiable information is actively checked by the service 5

On 2019-09-12 16:38:40 UTC, TeuntjeGamesYT wrote:

This service tracks your private messages, and other things you do.