This service will continue using anonymized user-generated content after erasure of personal information

If you delete your account or your information from this service, user-generated content such as comments and posts will remain and still be used, but on a pseudonymized or anonymized form so that they can't be linked back to you.

Classification: neutral

Weight: 15

Service Title Rating Status Author
Airbnb "li> <li>Information you have shared with others (e.g., Reviews, forum postings) will continue to be publicly visible on Airbnb, even after your Airbnb Account is cancelled. However, attribution of such information to you will be removed" APPROVED Michael Curator
Guerrilla Mail " <p>We may use anonymized email data for further anti-spam, anti-malware or anti-phishing research. Only email data that is obvious spam is used for this research." DECLINED jurius
ASKfm "Warning: After you have deactivated your account or left the Services, questions may still appear on the Services, but will be anonymized and no longer associated with you directly (in other words, a question you asked on your friend’s profile will still be visible, but will not include your username)." APPROVED (deactivated) Suspended
Brainly "We may also share information with others in an aggregated or otherwise anonymized form that does not reasonably identify you directly as an individual." DECLINED (deactivated) Suspended
Discogs "If You exercise Your right to erasure or deletion of personal information pursuant to Our Privacy Policy, (i) Your user-generated content will be anonymized by having the username replaced by a generic term (i.e., "previous user1234" or simply "user1234"), and (ii) We are entitled to continue using this anonymized user-generated content pursuant to the rights granted above.</p>" APPROVED Michael Curator
ToS;DR "When cancelling your account, we scramble your data in our database so you cannot recover your account and we don't lose your contributions" DECLINED Michael Curator
Cover your Tracks "Sharing of Cover Your Tracks data" DECLINED wolfgang8741
TWINT "If there are no legal or contractual obligations to the contrary, we delete or anonymise your data after the storage or processing period has expired." DECLINED welda Curator
Mapillary "<p>If there is data that could be understood as Personal Data included in Content, e.g. faces of individuals or license plates of vehicles, we use automatic blurring of faces and plates to avoid any identification of individuals before posting on the Website." APPROVED arlo Staff

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