You cannot delete your contributions, but it makes sense for this service

For services that are under an open license where your contributions are for public knowledge (such as Wikipedia and ToS;DR).

Classification: neutral

Weight: 20

Service Title Rating Status Author
Wikipedia Any content you add to the site is permanently public approved
ToS;DR Phoenix "When cancelling your account, we scramble your data in our database so you cannot recover your account and we don't lose your contributions." approved Dr_Jeff ToS;DR
Reddit "Please note, however, that the posts, comments, and messages you submitted prior to deleting your account will still be visible to others unless you first delete the specific content. We may also retain certain information about you as required by law or for legitimate business purposes after you delete your account.<br>" approved Dr_Jeff ToS;DR
Wikipedia "<li>Any content you add or any change that you make to a Wikimedia Site will be publicly and permanently available." approved Peepo ToS;DR
GitHub "After an account has been deleted, certain data, such as contributions to other Users' repositories and comments in others' issues, will remain. However, we will delete or de-identify your User Personal Information, including your username and email address, from the author field of issues, pull requests, and comments by associating them with a ghost user.</p> <p>That said, the email address you have supplied via your Git commit settings will always be associated with your commits in the Git system. If you choose to make your email address private, you should also update your Git commit settings. We are unable to change or delete data in the Git commit history — the Git software is designed to maintain a record — but we do enable you to control what information you put in that record.</p>" approved Dr_Jeff ToS;DR
osu! "On uploading user submitted content <p>When posting on the forums, participating in chat or uploading content to our service such as a beatmap, you are expressly publicising all submitted content. In most cases, it can be edited and deleted after submission at your discretion, but in certain sometimes this functionality may be locked to maintain relevance and provisioning of service to our user base.</p> <p>As an example, if you upload a beatmap and it is "ranked", it becomes the basis for the user base at large to achieve scores on. At this point the option to delete a submission will be revoked.</p>" approved Sagiri is my waifu.

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