IP addresses of website visitors are not tracked

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Qwant "" disputed user 435
FWG 1240 IP addresses of website visitors are not tracked approved apple-cia
Campus Innovations Kultur IP addresses of website visitors are not tracked declined apple-cia
LastPass "When you use our Services, we automatically collect information on the type of device you use, operating system version, and the device identifier (or "UDID").</p>" changes-requested import script
Werk32.NET "<p>Im Rahmen der Inanspruchnahme unserer Registrierungs- und Anmeldefunktionen sowie der Nutzung des Nutzerkontos, speichern wir die IP-Adresse und den Zeitpunkt der jeweiligen Nutzerhandlung." declined TheLostPlaces
HP-67 IP addresses of website visitors are not tracked approved sir_bruce
Posteo "We also do not collect your IP address if you visit our website or if you use our contact form or webmailer. We also do not collect or save your IP address if you use an external client to retrieve your emails via IMAP or POP3 or to transmit messages via SMTP to be delivered by us." approved rahcor
Posteo "We neither collect or save inventory data (like names or address) or traffic data (like IP addresses) from you " approved rahcor
The Hello World Collection "d Collection is a static page with no active contents. It doesn't have any scripts, cookies, ads, trackers, Facebook links, or anything else that might poke around in your private parts. You don't have to log in, register, pay, or sell your soul in order to use it. Just browse it, read it as long as you wish, leave when you're done. Feel free to " changes-requested user 451
Yase "We do not store user IP addresses" approved Yase
protonmail " We also don't record your login IP address unless this feature is specifically enabled by the user." draft denishdk
protonmail "IP Logging:</strong> By default, ProtonMail does not keep permanent IP logs. We also don't record your login IP address unless this feature is specifically enabled by the user. However, IP logs are sometimes kept to combat abuse and fraud, and your IP address may be retained if you are engaged in activities that breach our terms and conditions (spamming, DDoS attacks against ProtonMail infrastructure, brute force attacks, etc).</p>" draft user 389
Tactical Tech "<p>We do not collect your IP address, which is a type of data that can identify you personally." approved ToS;DRemuedu
keybase "Logs containing (a) and (b) are preserved for up to a month" pending ekingery
HP-67 IP addresses of website visitors are not tracked approved sir_bruce
DuckDuckGo "When you access DuckDuckGo (or any Web site), your Web browser automatically sends information about your computer, e.g. your User agent and IP address.</p> <p>Because this information could be used to link you to your searches, we do not log (store) it at all. This is a very unusual practice, but we feel it is an important step to protect your privacy.</p> <p>It is unusual for a few reasons. First, most server software auto-stores this information, so you have to go out of your way not to store it. Second, most businesses want to keep as much information as possible because they don't know when it will be useful. Third, many search engines actively use this information, for example to show you more targeted advertising." pending
Startpage "We don’t record your IP address </strong> <br> The only exception is for automated search requests (robots) that rapidly submit more queries to our servers than any normal human would. When our software detects potential abuse, we register and block the offending IP address in order to keep our service safe and free." approved Esmooth
Mullvad "We store normal Nginx logs for up to 24 hours.</li> <li>Information older than 24 hours is deleted and only aggregated information about number of hits and number of visitors to our website is saved.</li> <li>We refrain from sending usage statistics to external parties such as Google Analytics.</li>" approved helloimalizard
InfoSec Handbook "In case of normal requests (for technical people: HTTP status codes 200, 302, 304), we don’t log anything." draft komo
PsychonautWiki "<li>Your IP is anonymized at all times" pending Souroozelooz
The Button Box "We do not collect information on consumers who browse our website." draft bboxjon
Surfshark "We&nbsp;<u>do not</u>&nbsp;collect IP addresses" pending donno
Standard Notes "Our syncing server, which saves and synchronizes your data, does not collect or store IP addresses." pending donno
10minutemail "10MinuteMail.com does <strong>NOT</strong> keep logs or records of your personal data including, but not limited to, your IP address, your incoming e-mail, and your outgoing e-mail." approved (deactivated)
Temp Mail "Temp Mail Service does not store your IP-address." pending Xilor

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