Only necessary user logs are kept by the service to ensure quality

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Signal "the only information we can produce in response to a request like this is the date and time a user registered with Signal and the last date of a user’s connectivity to the Signal service.</p> <p>Notably, things we <em>don’t</em> have stored include anything about a user’s contacts (such as the contacts themselves, a hash of the contacts, any other derivative contact information), anything about a user’s groups (such as how many groups a user is in, which groups a user is in, the membership lists of a user’s groups), or any records of who a user has been communicating with.</p> <p>All message contents are end-to-end encrypted, so we don’t have that information either." approved Vincent (Mr. 404)
Kolab Now "" declined import script
LastPass Personal information only stored when needed for a service draft import script
Qwant "Qwant also collects connection data, not associated with your search queries, only to ensure the security of its information system and, if you create or modify Boards, to respect the obligation to identify content creators such as mandated by French law (<em>article 6-II de la Loi pour la confiance en l’économie numérique</em>).</p> <p> <strong>Even when you are connected with an ID, we don’t use any cookie nor any other tracking device</strong> when you browse the site. The only technology that may be installed on your browser, called “local storage”, is used to locally save your settings (language, activation or deactivation of options…)." approved user 435
Netsyms Technologies "We only retain data as needed to provide you with services." approved skylarmt
Yakka "we do count visits" changes-requested yakka "our web server still collects the data that your Internet browser communicates to us (including the IP address of the requesting computer, together with the date, time, the request, which file is requested (name and URL), the amount of data transferred to you, a message as to whether the request was successful, identification data of the browser and operating system used, and the website from which the access was made (should the access take place via a link). </p> <p> The legal basis of the processing is based on our legitimate interest in ensuring system security, technically administering the website and optimising service quality." declined denishdk
Associação de Defesa da Privacidade Digital "Nós tentaremos ao máximo manter seus dados anônimos, e se possível, não manter seus dados guardados. Essa associação trata justamente sobre privacidade e não somos hipócritas.</strong> </p> <p>Infelizmente, a retenção de dados <strong>é uma implicação legal</strong> e também quase impossível de ser evitada, <strong>já que muitas ferramentas de terceiros usadas nesse site coletam dados</strong> como IP, sistema operacional, entre outros. </p> <p>Porém, <strong>saiba que faremos o possível para anonimizar seus dados</strong> e também <strong>não faremos cruzamento de dados com o intuito de te rastrear</strong>. Não temos nenhum interesse nisso, inclusive, é o que combatemos." declined victorrms
NordVPN "NordVPN guarantees a strict no-logs policy for NordVPN services, meaning that your activities using NordVPN Services are provided by automated technical process, are not monitored, recorded, logged, stored or passed to any third party." approved kkylemr mastodon "Similarly, we only keep ephemeral logs for debugging and system administration" approved (deactivated)
ProtonVPN "ProtonVPN respects its users’ privacy and enforces a No Logs policy." pending omhqit
Ali Reza Hayati's Personal Page No logs are being kept pending tough
University of South Florida "Our servers automatically recognize the domain and IP address from which&nbsp;you accessed the website, and we record related information that helps us&nbsp;make our site more accessible, such as information about operating&nbsp;systems, screen resolutions and the volume and timing of access." pending alostengineer
NextDNS "3. If not specifically requested by the user, no data is logged. Some features require some sort of data retention. In that case, our users are given the option, control, and full access on what is logged and for how long." pending alostengineer
keybase ". Data in (c) through (f) can persist indefinitely.</p> 2. HOW WE USE AND SHARE YOUR INFORMATION <p>Use of Your Information</p> <p>We use the information we collect to: provide and improve the Service and our other products and services. customize the Service for you. better understand our users. communicate with you about the Service and our other products and services that we think may interest you. verify the identity of Keybase’s users. and diagnose and fix problems with the Service." pending Joe
Timac Only necessary user logs are kept by the service to ensure quality pending Timac
Python Tutor "By using Python Tutor, your visualized code, options, user interactions, text chats, and IP address are logged on our server and may be analyzed for research purposes." pending ravenclaw900
Guerrilla Mail " <p>We normally keep the logs turned off, this is because due to high traffic, our server does not have the resources required" pending jurius
Listudy "This is because Listudy needs basic information from its users in order to function." changes-requested ravenclaw900

On 2019-04-02 11:36:34 UTC, ps wrote:

Should this be just in general "logs" and not user logs? In that case it would cover also server logs which are way more often mentioned in ToS.

On 2020-07-28 02:24:21 UTC, Busba1122 wrote:

Your page invites me to follow. You should continuously update the news story for even more fun tracking. I'm waiting for the update.


On 2020-08-10 04:28:05 UTC, miniming wrote:

At the core of most gadgets that give security to IT organizes is a slotxo capacity to log occasions and take activities dependent on those occasions. This application and framework observing gives subtleties both on what has befallen the gadget and what's going on. It gives protection from slips in edge and application safeguards by making you aware of issues so cautious measures can be taken before any genuine harm is finished. Without observing, you have minimal possibility of finding whether a live application is being assaulted or has been undermined.