Content you post may be edited by the service for any reason

This service can edit any content on the service for whatever the reason and at their sole discretion.

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Le Parisien " La Société se réserve le droit, sous sa responsabilité, d’adapter les Contribution en vue de leurs exploitations. Ce droit comprend notamment le droit de modifier, raccourcir et/ou compléter les Contributions et de les illustrer par tout élément graphique/iconographique, rédactionnel.<br>" APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Crain's Chicago Business " <p>Crain reserves the right to delete or edit any of your comments or content at any time, for any reason, but has no obligation to review or remove any such comments or content. " APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Valour "The Company further reserves the right to make formatting and edits and change the manner any Content. " APPROVED Mezzie Curator
Wish This service reserves the right to edit any content you post APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Alzforum "Monitor, edit, or disclose any submission you make to the Site, subject to the Alzforum Privacy Policy.<br> 6. Edit or delete any communication(s) posted on the Site, regardless of whether such communication(s) violates these Terms.</p> <p>FBRI reserves the right to edit comments and other text submissions posted to or otherwise submitted to the Site, and also reserves the right not to post or to terminate the posting of comments or other text submissions." APPROVED 281587887a Curator
Discovery "DCL Parties’ Right to Use Your Video Submission.&nbsp;</strong>You grant the DCL Parties the non-exclusive right to edit in any manner" APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
WordReference ">We reserve all rights (but not the obligation) to remove and/or edit such content. " APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff " <p>En virtud de esta cesión, podrá, con carácter enunciativo y no limitativo, adaptar, corregir, modificar, mantener, obtener nuevas versiones y otras obras derivadas sobre los citados contenidos." APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Apple Services " Apple reserves the right to not post or publish any materials and to remove or edit any material, at any time in its sole discretion without notice or liability." APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Roblox Content you post may be edited by the service for any reason DECLINED Redbaron05
FileFactory "We may edit or delete any material We consider inappropriate at our sole discretion.</p>" APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Alibaba "exercise any editorial control whatsoever over the content of any message or material or information" APPROVED private prawn Curator
Just Eat "We reserve the right (but do not undertake, except as required by law, any obligation) and have the sole discretion to remove or edit at any time any Reviews or other Visitor Material posted, uploaded or transmitted to the Website that we determine breaches a prohibition in paragraphs 9.2 or 9.3 above, is otherwise objectionable or may expose us or any third parties to any harm or liability of any type, or for any other reason." APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Speedtest by Ookla "Ookla reserves the right to edit" APPROVED private prawn Curator
Getty Images "Although Getty Images has no obligation to screen, edit or monitor any of the User Content posted in any Interactive Area, Getty Images reserves the right, and has absolute discretion, to remove, screen or edit any User Content posted or stored on the Site at any time and for any reason without notice." APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Gettr "modify, reformat, edit, adapt" APPROVED private prawn Curator
ADHD Boss "We have no duty to pre-screen your content or the content of others, but we have the right to refuse to post or to edit submitted content." APPROVED BlueMantis
The VG Resource "You agree that we have the ability and right to remove, edit, or lock any account or message at any time should it be seen fit.<br>" APPROVED zappy_zipper
Alan Thomson Simulation Content you post may be edited by the service for any reason APPROVED Mezzie Curator
Open Broadcaster Software "We reserve the rights to remove or modify any Content submitted for any reason without explanation." APPROVED ThisIsLiz
The School District of Philadelphia "(i) edit, redact or otherwise change any Contributions, " APPROVED ThisIsLiz
Scientific American "We reserve the right (but are not under an obligation) to remove or edit any content you provide.<br> " APPROVED ThisIsLiz
SpaceDock "<p>We can remove any content whenever we feel like it for any reason at all, with or without notifying the content owner." CHANGES REQUESTED tos;dr user
The Filipino Channel "Further, ABS-CBN also has the sole and full discretion to restrict, edit," APPROVED Earldridge Jazzed Pineda
Activision Publishing " Activision reserves the right (but has no obligation) to remove, block, edit, move or disable UGC for any reason in Activision's sole discretion." APPROVED shadowwwind Curator
Opera "Opera has the right to refuse to post, edit, or deliver User Generated Content." APPROVED ELP_JAPIS Curator

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