This Service provides a list of Third Parties involved in its operation.

The Service provides a list detailing the third parties involved, their roles, and may even provide more information.

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Dropbox "For a list of trusted third parties that we use to process your personal data and more details on the categories of personal information that we’ve disclosed, please see our FAQ" APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
Prezi "You can find many of Prezi’s authorized partners and service providers (data processors) here." APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
GitHub "If you would like to know who our service providers are, please see our page on Subprocessors." APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
Hinterland Games "Third Parties" APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
Waze "<p>Ad Partners:</p> <ul> <li>Google.</li> <li>Facebook.</li> <li>Linkedin.</li> <li>Snapchat.</li> <li>Yahoo.</li> <li>Twitter.</li> </ul> <p>Learn more about how you can control Advertising Cookies." APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
V.H. Hess "Our advertising partners are listed below. " APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff "Our Advertising Partners <p>Some of advertisers on our site may use cookies and web beacons. Our advertising partners are listed below. Each of our advertising partners has their own Privacy Policy for their policies on user data. For easier access, their Privacy Policies are as followss:</p> Privacy Policies <p>You may consult this list to find the Privacy Policy for each of the advertising partners of Shortcutworld." APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
CNED "<p>Dans le cadre du présent service, les prestataires sont :</p> <p> </p> <ul> <li>La société Cblue pour la fourniture du site « ma classe à la maison », son hébergement et sa maintenance,</li> <li>La société BlackBoard pour la fourniture, la maintenance, et l’hébergement de la solution de classes virtuelles.&nbsp;</li>" APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
Cryptee "Cryptee uses multiple providers (sub-processors) to provide the Service to its users. These processors are all committed to GDPR, and are listed below" APPROVED atng
Washington Post " <b>For users in the EEA and Switzerland</b>: Please see our Third-Party Partners page for a list of partners that provide certain features or functionality on the Services (<i>e.g.</i>, content, analytics, advertising, and social media plug-ins) that may use your data, as well as more information about these partners’ use of your data and your rights." APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff "In addition, we provide the following list of third-party data processors: </p> <ul> <li> Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA </li> <li> Hetzner Online GmbH, Industriestr. 25, 91710 Gunzenhausen, DE </li> <li> Mailjet SAS, 13-13bis, Rue de l’Aubrac, 75012 Paris, FR </li> <li> Market Limited, 15 Briery Close, Great Oakley, Corby, Northamptonshire, NN18 8JG, UK </li> <li> Cloudflare, Inc., 101 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA </li> <li> The Rocket Science Group, LLC dba Mailchimp, 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Suite 5000, Atlanta, GA 30308 USA </li> <li> Zendesk, Inc., 1019 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA" APPROVED JoshAtticus
Firefox Cloud Services "We use:</p>" APPROVED private prawn Curator
Synonymo This Service provides a list of Third Parties involved in its operation. APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
Marmiton "La liste de nos <strong>Partenaires Publicitaires</strong> susceptibles d’utiliser des cookies, ainsi qu’un lien vers leur propre politique de protection des données personnelles, est accessible à partir de notre module de paramétrage des cookies, en cliquant sur le lien “Voir nos partenaires”. </p>" APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
Porton Private Cloudstorage This Service provides a list of Third Parties involved in its operation. APPROVED Hekkerman
Vivaldi "We also list all the third parties we use in the browser. To see these, please copy and paste the following in&nbsp;Vivaldi’s address bar: <code>vivaldi://credits</code> </p>" APPROVED NylaTheWolf
Schoology "Schoology uses the following third party services on the App:</li>" APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
Gap Creek Media "<p>We have provided a list of third-party services and resources that we may integrate into this website to help you identify your privacy rights and responsibilities according to those services and resources.</p>" APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
Replika "# 2. With whom we share your personal information" APPROVED Vukky Suspended
Helena Express This Service provides a list of Third Parties involved in its operation. DECLINED skylarmt Curator
NamesMaker "We use two broad categories of cookies: (1) first party cookies, served directly by us to your computer or mobile device, which are used only by us to recognize your computer or mobile device when it revisits our website. and (2) third party cookies, which are served by service providers on our website, and can be used by such service providers to recognize your computer or mobile device when it visits other websites.<br>" DECLINED NamesMaker
IPVanish "Provider</p> <p>Service</p> <p>About</p> <p>Delighted</p> <p>Customer Feedback</p> <p>Learn More</p> <p>Sift Science</p> <p>Fraud Detection</p> <p>Learn More</p> <p>MaxMind</p> <p>Fraud Detection</p> <p>Learn More</p> <p>SendGrid</p> <p>Email</p> <p>Learn More</p> <p>Stitch</p> <p>ETL</p> <p>Learn More</p> <p>Stripe</p> <p>Payment Processor</p> <p>Learn More</p> <p>UpSellit</p> <p>Cart Abandonment</p> <p>Learn More</p> <p>OnRocket</p> <p>Blog Hosting</p> <p>Learn More</p> <p>Firebase</p> <p>App crash information</p> <p>Learn More</p> <p>ZenDesk</p> <p>Support Ticket System<br>Live Chat</p> <p>Learn More</p> <p>App Center</p> <p>App crash information</p> <p>Learn More" APPROVED (deactivated) Suspended
Transit "we do not produce any of the primary information you see in the App, which is provided to us by third parties such as Transit Agencies and mobility operators (Uber, Lyft, Bird, Lime, etc.)" DECLINED sierra
Transit "These third party services include the usage of Software Development Kits (“SDKs”) from the following companies and for the following purposes:</p> <ul> <li>Amplitude SDK, which is used for product analysis.</li> <li>Google Analytics SDK, which is used for product analysis.</li> <li>Sentry SDK, which is used for crashes and issues analysis.</li> <li>Fabric SDK, which is used for crashes and issues analysis</li> <li>Firebase SDK, which is used for user’s preferences, favorite location storage and sending push notifications.</li> <li>Masabi JustRide SDK, which is used to offer mobile ticketing for various transit authorities." APPROVED sierra
Rec Room This Service provides a list of Third Parties involved in its operation. APPROVED user 110 Curator
Moodle "If you would like an up-to-date register of all our third-party service providers, please contact us&nbsp;and we will be happy to provide it." DECLINED PepoSebo Curator
Moodle " If you would like an up-to-date register of all our third-party service providers, please contact us&nbsp;and we will be happy to provide it" APPROVED alaprea Curator
Cakey Bot " <strong>Stripe</strong> <br>Their Privacy Policy can be viewed at</p> </li> <li> <p> <strong>PayPal</strong> <br>Their Privacy Policy can be viewed at</p>" APPROVED MrCakeSlayer
Leetify "as well as what other organisations might have access to your data.</p>" APPROVED shadowwwind Staff
Meower "Your IP address will be collected and shared with IPHub when signing up to ensure security, and will only be used for moderation purposes. IPHub's privacy policy can be found here. <br> All of Meower's traffic is passed through Cloudflare for security. Cloudflare's privacy policy is available here." APPROVED JoshAtticus
Discourse "These service providers include:</p> " APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
arXiv "Info we share with third party services:</em> " APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
Conjuguemos "Below is a list of the service providers" APPROVED Hantalyte
Free Code Camp "We use Amazon Web Services, Azure, and mLab for our servers and databases. You can read the privacy policy for <strong>Amazon Web Services</strong>, <strong>Microsoft Azure</strong>, and <strong>mLab</strong>.</p> <p>We use Stripe and PayPal to process donations. You can read the privacy policy for <strong>Stripe</strong> and for <strong>PayPal</strong>.</p> <p>We use the CloudFlare and Netlify Content Delivery Networks so that freeCodeCamp is fast in all parts of the world. You can read the privacy policy for <strong>CloudFlare</strong> and <strong>Netlify</strong> online.</p> <p>We use Auth0 to sign you into freeCodeCamp. You can read <strong>the privacy policy for Auth0 online</strong>.</p>" APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
Prisma Media " La liste des partenaires, et leur politique de confidentialité, est accessible&nbsp;ici.</p> <p> </p> " APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
CodeSandbox "Sub-processors &amp. Data locations <p>Syntax: (Company Name (“a.k.a.”), Location, Purpose, Link)</p> <ul> <li>Amplitude, Inc. United States. Data Analysis.;</li> <li>Amazon, Inc., AWS EMEA SARL. United States &amp. European Union. Hosting services.;</li> <li>Cloudflare, Inc. United States &amp. European Union. Routing, securing and caching web traffic.;</li> <li>Google Ireland Limited (“Google Cloud Platform”). United States &amp. European Union. Hosting services.;</li> <li>Google LLC, Google Ireland Limited or affiliate (“Google Analytics”). Data Analysis.;</li> <li>Hetzner Online GmbH Gunzenhausen. Germany. Hosting services.;</li> <li>, Inc. (“Vero”). United States. Behavior based email campaigns.;</li> <li>Mailgun, Inc. United States. Email Service Provider.</li> <li>Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd. European Union. Payment Service Provider.;</li> <li>The Rocket Science Group LLC (“Mailchimp”). United States. Email Service Provider." APPROVED private prawn Curator
Patreon "You may grant Patreon permission to access third-party apps. You may also revoke that permission.<p> </p> <p>You may grant Patreon access to your third-party accounts, such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch, in order for some Patreon features to operate. Each time you connect your third-party account, that third-party account will present a page that describes the information that Patreon can access.</p> <p>At any time, you can revoke Patreon’s access to those accounts using the respective third party’s security settings page.</p> <p>These are the links for each service:</p>GoogleTerms of ServicePrivacy PolicyRevoke Patreon's AccessYouTubeTerms of ServicePrivacy PolicyRevoke Patreon's AccessFacebookTerms of ServicePrivacy PolicyRevoke Patreon's AccessInstagramTerms of ServicePrivacy PolicyRevoke Patreon's AccessTwitterTerms of ServicePrivacy PolicyRevoke Patreon's AccessTwitchTerms of ServicePrivacy PolicyRevoke Patreon's Access<p>" APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
NordVPN "<p>Only basic payment information is processed through our payment service providers and payment processing partners authorized to provide services within respective country (e.g., payments for the EU are processed by Mollymind AG, registered at Riedstrasse 7, 6330 Cham, Switzerland and by Moonflash Limited, registered at Regent House, 316 Beulah Hill, London, United Kingdom, SE19 3HF. For the US – Lagosec, Inc. registered at 2035 Sunset Lake Rd., Suite B-2, Newark, Delaware, United States, DE 19702. Brazillian payments are processed by CYBERPOST INERMEDIACAO DE NEGOCIOS S.A, tax ID number (CNPJ), - 14.009.852/0001-54, registered at R Fernando Machado 73, Sala 203, Centro, Florianopolis, 88.010-510, SC).</p> <p>" APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
Swiss Government "The most important third-party services the Federal Administration uses are:</p> <p> <b>YouTube:</b> As soon as you call up a Federal Administration webpage that has a YouTube video embedded in it, a connection is established with the YouTube servers, and plug-ins from YouTube (YouTube LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. subsidiary of Google LLC) are used from time to time. YouTube receives information on which page was visited from which IP address.</p> <p> <b>Google Maps:</b> The Google Maps map service provided by Google LLC (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) is used from time to time in order to display interactive maps and to provide directions to federal government offices. If you use Google Maps, information on your use (e.g. IP address) may be saved and sent to a Google server in the USA.</p> <p> <b>Google Custom Search:</b> Certain Federal Administration offices use the ‘Custom Search’ search box provided by Google LLC. If you use this search box (by sending the form), user data will be sent to the operator company. For further information on how Google handles user data, please consult the Google Privacy Policy.</p> <p> <b>Instagram:&nbsp;</b>Instagram, Inc. is owned by Facebook. For further information on how Instagram handles user data, please consult its Data Policy.</p> <p> <b>Twitter:</b> Twitter, Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 900 San Francisco, CA 94103. For further information on how Twitter handles user data, please consult its Privacy Policy and its Cookies guidelines.</p> <p> <b>Bitly:</b> Bitly is a URL shortening service. Bitly, Inc. is based in New York, USA. You will find further information on how Bitly handles user data at" APPROVED welda Curator
huggingface "10. LIST OF THIRD-PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS <p>We may share your information with Third-Party Service Providers, and when we do, we ensure that they access your information in compliance with applicable data protection laws. The following list respects the format <code>Subprocessor | Description of Subprocessing | Location of Subprocessing</code>. </p> <ul> <li>Discourse | Forum | United States</li> <li>Intercom | Chat | United States</li> <li>AWS SES | Emails | United States</li> <li>Stripe | Payment | United States</li> <li>Curated | Newsletters | United States</li> <li>Google/Gsuite | Payment | United States</li> <li>Google Cloud Platform | Hosting/Infrastructure | United States/EMEA</li> <li> | Hosting/Infrastructure | United States/EMEA</li> <li>Circle CI Software | Integration and testing platform | United States</li> <li>Github | Hosting code | United States</li> <li>Amazon Web Services, Inc. | Hosting/Infrastructure | United States</li> <li>OVH | Hosting/Infrastructure &amp. Invoicing | France</li> <li>Google Analytics | Analytics | United States</li> <li>Slack Technologies | Communication | United States</li> <li>Outreach | Customer engagement | United States</li> <li>Hugging Face SAS | All of the above | France</li> </u" APPROVED pie3636
Unity "You can consult the list and location of our affiliates here:</p>" APPROVED Agnes_de_Lion Staff
Incogni "Customer support service provider Zendesk, Inc. (United States)</li> <li>Payment service provider Market Limited (United Kingdom)</li> <li>Storage and infrastructure service providers, such as DigitalOcean, Inc. (United States)</li> <li>Marketing service providers, such as Mailchimp (United States) and Tune Inc. (United States)</li> <li>Information security service providers, such as Cloudflare, Inc. (United States) and Sentry (United States)</li> <li>Analytics service providers, such as Google LLC (United States)." APPROVED nolawyer "We use the following third-party services to deliver specific services to you.</li> </ol> <p>15.1. <strong>Payment Processors</strong> </p> <p>We use third-party services to process your payments. We will not store or collect your payment card details. That information is provided directly to our third-party payment processors whose use of your personal information is governed by their Privacy Policy. These payment processors adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council that help ensure the secure handling of payment information.</p> <p>The Privacy Policies of the payment processors we work with can be accessed below:</p> <ul> <li>Apple:</li> <li>Google:</li> <li>Stripe:</li> </ul> <p>15.2. <strong>Support Chat</strong> </p> <p>We use Crisp to power our support chat interface. The data that is pushed to them is obfuscated and does not include a customer's personal information. You can find their privacy policy here:</p> <p>15.3. <strong>Feedback Collection</strong> </p> <p>We use FeatureMonkey to collect feedback from users and to decide what features we should be working on. The data that is pushed to them is obfuscated and does not include a customer's personal information (like name or email). You can find their privacy policy here:</p> <p>15.4. <strong>Website Analytics</strong> </p> <p>We use a privacy focused third-party analytics service to monitor the metrics of our website. You can read their privacy policy here:</p> <p>15.5. <strong>Backend Analytics</strong> </p> <p>We use Amplitude for analyzing API access patterns. The data that is pushed to them is obfuscated and does not include a customer's personal information. You can read their privacy policy here:</p> <p>15.6. <strong>Transactional Emails</strong> </p> <p>We use Zoho for sending out emails like login tokens, billing reminders, notification when an album is shared with you, etc. You can read their privacy policy here:" APPROVED nolawyer
Penske Media Corporation "To see a list of our third party partners as of the date noted above, please see below." APPROVED ThisIsLiz Curator
GitBook "It also lists our third party analytics and service providers and details exactly which parts of our website we permit them to track." APPROVED ThisIsLiz Curator
GOG "We may share your data only with the following categories of third parties who were engaged by us to help deliver our services and functionalities to you (they are formally called “Data Processors”). When we provide your information to these Trusted Partners, their use and disclosure of it is subject to limitations in our agreements with them: <ul> <li>Customer support partners that provide us with software and support ticket system to help us managing your customer support requests (like Zendesk Inc.);</li> <li>Advertising and advertising measurement partners to facilitate targeting, delivery and measurement of online advertising on third-party services (such as Google Adwords) or that provide us with email delivery tools (such as GetResponse);</li> <li>GOG’s subsidiaries and affiliates, including CD PROJEKT S.A, who help us providing you with GWENT and enable you to participate in Gwent esports competition;</li> <li>Anti-cheat companies: we may share the information required for our detection, investigation and prevention of cheating in GWENT.</li> <li>Third party vendors that provide us with analytical tools for GOG.COM and for GWENT;</li> <li>Third party vendors that provide us with error tracking and crash reporting tools;</li> <li>Third party platforms that may sell content which is activated by GOG using our Direct to Account API (more details of which can be found in our User Agreement);</li> <li>If you purchase via GOG GALAXY Store - third party platforms that you have chosen to connect your GOG account to activate your purchased content on that external platform ;</li> <li>Third party network providers to optimize delivery of GOG content you requested (we share only your IP address and the identification of GOG content you wish to access);</li> <li>Data storage partners: we may store some of your information using third-party data storage services, e.g. for cloud saves, we may use Google services to run surveys on GOG.COM;</li> <li>Our professional advisors dealing f.ex. with legal, tax, audit or accounting matters.</li>" PENDING ThePainofTOS
AliExpress "Third party partners and service providers and/or affiliates</strong>&nbsp;engaged by or working with us to assist us in providing services to you or who otherwise process personal information for purposes described in this Privacy Policy or notified to you when we collect your personal information. Categories of these partners and service providers include:</p> <p>·&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>Alibaba group entities and affiliated companies</strong>&nbsp;and/or their designated service providers that work with us to provide processing services such as software, tools, systems and messaging services for purposes described in this Privacy Policy;</p> <p>·&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>our business partners</strong>&nbsp;(for example, in order for them to provide you with discounts or offers that may interest Buyers or prospective Buyers) where you have consented to receiving such information from them if required by applicable data protection laws;</p> <p>·&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp;<strong>marketing and advertising partners</strong>, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and VKontakte, and providers of analytics services relating to users’ behavior such as Appsflyer, Criteo, so that they may tailor the content you see when visiting our Platform for analytics and/or advertising purposes." PENDING DJJ05

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