User-generated content is encrypted, and this service cannot decrypt it

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idka User-generated content is encrypted, and this service cannot decrypt it declined benji_bacchus Curator
pCloud "This app performs client-side encryption, which means that the encryption process is performed on the user’s device and the plain text files never leave the user’s computer. This ensures zero-knowledge privacy for the user’s data, which means that we, as a service provider, have absolutely no information about the content users store in their accounts, such as file names or file types." approved Agnes de Lion Curator
ProtonMail "We also have no technical means to access your encrypted message contents.</p>" approved denishdk Curator
Bing "Tailored experiences" draft secretrobotron
MeWe "MeWe Secret Chat <p>MeWe offers Secret Chat as an option for MeWe users. MeWe has no way to decrypt Secret Chat messages of MeWe users because the messages are end-to-end encrypted and MeWe does not have any knowledge of their private keys. The encrypted messages and media (images, videos etc.) in MeWe Secret Chat are deleted on MeWe servers after they have been delivered successfully. Header information of MeWe Secret Chat messages (sender, recipient etc.) is protected by an additional encryption layer for transmission to the server, and from the server to the recipient, to prevent eavesdropping by third parties (e.g. in open wireless LANs)." approved-not-found Peepo ToS;DR
Sync "The content of the files that you store on our service is encrypted and only You can decrypt it." approved Agnes de Lion Curator
Akshit's Blog "I take all reasonable steps to protect information received from you from loss, misuse or unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and/or destruction. I have put in place appropriate physical, technical and administrative measures to safeguard and secure your information, and I make use of privacy-enhancing technologies such as encryption." draft akshitk
Signal "Signal Terms &amp. Privacy Policy<p>Signal is designed to never collect or store any sensitive information. Signal messages and calls cannot be accessed by us or other third parties because they are always end-to-end encrypted, private, and secure. " approved omhqit Curator
SecuriSend "Unlike many other file-sharing services, the only personal information that we collect is the files that you send using our service. It is very important to note that these files are encrypted on our databases, and are only accessed by those whom you share your link with." approved Dr_Jeff ToS;DR
Standard Notes "End to End Privacy:</strong> All your data — no matter if you’re using a PC, a phone, a tablet or a gaming system — is encrypted everywhere you <i>don't control." declined donno Curator
Standard Notes "Your notes are always encrypted with a secure key that no one has besides you, and this key never leaves your computer or touches a cloud. Simply put: you are the only person that can read your private notes.</p> <p> </p>" approved donno Curator
Mailfence " <li>End-to-end encryption (E2EE) <br> It is a method used for securing encrypted data while it is moving from source to the destination. In End-to-End Encryption, the data is encrypted on the sender's system and only the intended recipient will be able to decrypt it. Nobody in between (be they an internet service provider, application service provider or hacker, ...) can read it or tamper with it, thereby providing a great deal of confidentiality and protection to all of your communications." approved Agnes de Lion Curator
iCloud "For certain sensitive information, Apple uses end-to-end encryption. This means that only you can access your information, and&nbsp;only on devices where you’re signed into iCloud. No one else, not even Apple, can access end-to-end encrypted information.</p>" approved Agnes de Lion Curator
SpiderOak "Data Security<p>SpiderOak products are designed to have several layers of security.</p> <ul> <li>We encrypt files that you upload to SpiderOak servers using the AES- 256 algorithm. You control your encryption keys, and SpiderOak does not have access to them.</li> <li>We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) to create a secure tunnel to protect data in transit between SpiderOak apps and servers" approved (deactivated)
WhatsApp "When they are end-to-end encrypted, we and third parties can’t read them.</li>" approved Agnes de Lion Curator
Enpass "To use our apps you will have to create a master password. It is used to generate the encryption keys to encrypt your data when using our apps. Without it, you can’t access your data. If you forget or lose your master password, all your data will be lost forever and cannot be recovered." approved Dr_Jeff ToS;DR

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