You maintain ownership of your data

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Customer will own all Customer Data. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Contract,

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I would dispute this. "If you signed up for a plan using your corporate email domain, your organization is Customer, and Customer can modify and re-assign roles on your workspace" and "“Customer” is the organization that you represent in agreeing to the Contract. If your workspace is being set up by someone who is not formally affiliated with an organization, Customer is the individual creating the workspace." and "As between us on the one hand, and Customer and any Authorized Users on the other, Customer will own all Customer Data. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Contract, " Mean that you, as the individual, do not control your own data and cannot remove it. The "Customer" can (apparently) but messages and files are not considered personal data, so will be retained by Slack. Also I noticed that they sign you up and add you to a workspace before you have accepted T&C's. You can be messaged, but not reply until you accept. Which I find a bit odd.

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