Information is provided about what kind of information they collect

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1. INFORMATION WE COLLECT <p>The Company collects the following information, some of which might be Personal Information.</p> A. Information you provide directly <p>The Company collects information directly provided by Users as part of using the Services, such as:</p> <ul> <li>information provided as part of setting up an account on the Website: email address, password, username, full name, and other optional information such as an avatar, your interests, or usernames to your third-party social networks, </li> <li>payment information provided, if you decide to upgrade your user or organization account: credit card information, </li> <li>other information and materials that you decide to post on the Website (e.g., the discussion forum, or other), </li> <li>communications between you and the Company, as part of using the Services.</li>

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