The service informs users about the risk of publishing personal info online

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There are only a few search engines with their own web index - for example Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu. Most other general web search engines cooperate and share data with these companies in some form. We currently work with Bing and are very transparent about what we share with them.</p> <p>Beyond that, no search engine can ever provide perfect protection of your search data, because other parties – like your network provider or browser for example – might still be able to access some of your data. If you think somebody might be after you, we would recommend checking out security tools like VPNs and services like TOR.</p> Want to dive into the fine print? <p>See the in-depth legal version of our privacy policy, with detailed information on how we handle your data.</p>

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These are only advises to keep browsing history away from ISP, but they do not warn about the risk of publishing personal info online (mostly because with a search engine there's not much content to publish).

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