This service can view your browser history

Classification: blocker

Weight: 50

Service Title Rating Status Author
Viagogo "undertake analysis and profiling of your browsing history and purchases (and any other data provided by you or on your behalf or which we collect on your behalf) in order to identify and inform you of products and services that we consider are likely to interest you;" approved napen123
Speedtest by Ookla "User Engagement and Purchases:</strong> tracking purchase traffic and activity across the Service and on Channels, including review of your browsing history (if available)." approved Peepo
Avast This service can view your browser history pending Agnes de Lion
Yandex " to personalize advertisements and/or commercial offers based on your preferences, search history and other Personal information available to Yandex.;</p> " pending Agnes de Lion
AliExpress " pages viewed" approved ProjectELP
Quizlet "<p>We use information you make available to us when you interact with us, our affiliates, and other third parties to decide what content is relevant to you. We gather this information using the tracking tools described above. For example, we or our partners might look at your purchases or browsing behaviors." approved Peepo
leagueoflegends "(such as browser history)" changes-requested LadyStonda
YouTube "The activity information we collect may include:</p> <ul> <li>Terms you search for</li> <li>Videos you watch</li> <li>Views and interactions with content and ads</li> <li>Voice and audio information when you use audio features</li> <li>Purchase activity</li> <li>People with whom you communicate or share content</li> <li>Activity on third-party sites and apps that use our services</li> <li>Chrome browsing history you’ve synced with your Google Account</li> " approved Agnes de Lion
CNN "Internet or other electronic network activity information -- such as browsing history, search history, and information regarding your interactions with our Sites, and content such as videos, ads, websites, and devices such as smart TVs, streaming media, browsers and apps" approved Peepo

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