This service does not collect, use, or share location data

No location-based information is tracked by the service, so that it cannot be used or shared with third parties.

Classification: good

Weight: 25

Service Title Rating Status Author Personal Blog (DEPRECATED) This service does not collect, use, or share location data APPROVED lukzmu
Electronic Frontier Foundation "We endeavor not to collect personal data from users, but recognize that you may choose to provide such information in a bug report." DECLINED brightlysalty
Jumbo Privacy "In fact, we don’t even know who you are. <p>I think this is the most fundamental decision we have made while building Jumbo: the application and its functionalities are phone-based: all the data processing happens from/in your iPhone. This means that we do not collect nor access any of your personal information when you use Jumbo, not even to identify you for analytics purposes.</p>" DECLINED mario64
NordVPN "other use of trade names, symbols or signs that are either identical or confusingly similar to any trademarks owned by Nord.</p> <p>The version of the Services and software available at your renewal date may be different from the version available when you first purchased your licen" DECLINED Agnes de Lion Staff
Ockom (DEPRECATED Expired or Suspended) This service does not collect, use, or share location data APPROVED ockom
Wigwam Design "This data is processed entirely in the browser and is not persisted or transmitted outside of it.</p>" DECLINED rob
Kaspersky "We do not ask you for, access or track any location based information from your device.</p>" APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
GitLab "For all Website visitors and users, no matter their country of location" DECLINED FreeWee
Timac This service does not collect, use, or share location data DECLINED Timac
ctrlaltdev " does not collect or share your information" APPROVED ctrlaltdev "<p>Společnost (včetně naší domény neshromažďuje, neuchovává a nesdílí informace o koncových uživatelích, včetně IP adres, jedinečných identifikátorů uživatelů nebo informací umožňujících osobní identifikaci získané na našich stránkách nebo aplikacích, i na stránkách a aplikacích našich partnerů, se kterými jsme propojeni, bez předchozího souhlasu.</p>" DECLINED Mask In The Mask
ExpressVPN " These statistics never include anything about what the user did with the VPN: no data about the contents or destinations of VPN traffic, no DNS queries, and no IP addresses.</p>(iii) (User-controlled option): Anonymous app diagnostics, including crash reports<p>App diagnostic data, which include crash reports, usability diagnostics, and VPN connection diagnostics, are anonymized and cannot be tied back to individual ExpressVPN users. " APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Among Us "no personally identifiable information is collected by the Software." DECLINED Aayan
Conversations "<li>Your IP address or any information that could be inferred by that address like your location." APPROVED welda Curator
Metager "<li>Location data: Will not be stored or shared.</li>" APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Magic Earth "We do not store Personal Information generated automatically while you use our services</strong>.</p>" DECLINED welda Curator
blue-archive (discontinued?) This service does not collect, use, or share location data DECLINED bluearchive
ShareX "No, ShareX does not collect any data of any kind.</p>" APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
XING " We do not use Bluetooth permanently in the background and do not track your location." APPROVED welda Curator
Among Us "sp;" DECLINED Aayan
AirVPN " Activity traffic and/or traffic content and/or IP addresses of the customers or users are not inspected, logged or stored into any mass storage device. " APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
ProtonVPN "None of the software on our apps will ever access or track any location-based information from your device at any time.</p>" APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
MySudo "We have no way – nor any desire – to track the precise location of our users.</li>" APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Wickr Me "We do not track, log or store users’ unique device information, IP or geo-location data or similar metadata associated with your use of the Wickr Me App." APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Aegis Authenticator "Aegis Authenticator does not collect any data from your mobile device" APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Brax.Me "We do not track your location" APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Nilly "<p>As a privacy-first focused service and company, we do not use cookies and we do not collect any personal data of our visitors.</p>" APPROVED Nilly
Paul Schroer - Photographer "This website ( can be used completely anonymously, is free of advertising and tracking and does not collect, use, or share any location data." APPROVED Paul Schroer
Zones "Your Location Data is stored locally and not be sent to our server." APPROVED private prawn Curator
avoidthehack! "We do not store personally identifiable information" APPROVED avoidthehack
Psiphon " We DO NOT collect or store any VPN data that is not mentioned here. </p> <p> We DO NOT modify the contents of your VPN data. </p> <p> We DO NOT share any sensitive or user-specific data with third parties." APPROVED 0x36d
Proton AG "None of the software on our apps will ever access or track any location-based information from your device at any time." APPROVED omhqit Curator
Cakey Bot "or location data.</p>" APPROVED MrCakeSlayer
RethinkDNS "We do not collect, sell, license, share any personally identifiable data from our DNS resolvers" PENDING Agnes de Lion Staff

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