Tracking cookies refused will not limit your ability to use the service

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Weight: 50

Service Title Rating Status Author
Akshit's Blog "Note that if you disable cookies entirely, the website will continue to function properly" draft akshitk
GOV.UK "You can opt out of Google Analytics cookies" declined jonheslop
Open Book Publishers "You can disable cookies by altering the settings of your browser and the website will still function.<br>" approved Peepo ToS;DR
Inrupt Inc "Tracking cookies will be used if you accept the tracking cookies function before accessing the websites&nbsp;;and, but the websites will continue to function even if you do not give permission to the tracking cookies.</p> <p>When you browse on the website&nbsp;, there are no tracking cookies, only a functional cookie that temporarily stores your WebID on inrupt servers if and when you are logged in so that you stay logged in." approved-not-found ToS;DRemuedu Curator
You Need a Budget "<p>Opting out of cookies using the above methods likely won’t cause problems with our services per se, but it makes it harder for us to spend our advertising budget effectively because we won’t know how you discovered YNAB and sometimes won’t even know if you’re already a customer of ours. Among other things, that means we might embarrass ourselves by showing you the same advertisement even if you are already a fan. Depending on the services you block, it might also make it harder for us to know how you’re using our apps, or know if you’re running into problems." approved perden
Phone2Action "If you choose to disable Cookies, some aspects of our Services may perform differently, for instance, you will need to re-enter your information each time you return to use the Services.</p>" approved dylankuhn
Taskade "You can block or delete cookies and still be able to use Taskade, although if you do you will then be asked for your username and password every time you log in to the Website" approved (deactivated)
FastMail " you do not need to have cookies turned on to visit our marketing and help pages" approved lemmings
Mojeek "From that page you can also instruct Mojeek to delete any cookie we have placed.</p> Tracking and Logging Policy <p>Mojeek doesn't implement any kind of specific user tracking, whether that be at the time of visit or subsequently via standard logs, which Mojeek does keep. " approved Agnes de Lion Curator

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