The cookies used by this service do not contain information that would personally identify you

The cookies used only collect anonymous, aggregated data that cannot be linked to a unique identity.

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Vivaldi "The&nbsp;information these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous.</p>" APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff "Cookies and Web Beacons <p> only uses Cookies for Technical reasons for example Fonts." DECLINED Nickwasused Curator
Akshit's Blog "The website uses cookies for providing me with non identifiable information about how you interact with my website and assists me in marketing efforts." DECLINED akshitk
Medtinker "This cookie contains no personal data and is discarded when you close your browser.</p>" DECLINED Medtinker Curator
UK Fluids Network " T" DECLINED javi Curator
Tumblr "A web tag is code or a pixel embedded in a web page, or email, that allows Tumblr or a third party to see that you have looked at that page. We use cookies and web tags to enable our servers to recognize your web browser and tell us how and when you use the Services, as described above in “Information Related to Use of the Services.” Our cookies do not, by themselves, contain information that personally identifies you, and we don't combine the general information collected through cookies with other such information to tell us who you are. However, we do use cookies to identify that you have logged in, and that your web browser has accessed the Services, and we may associate that information with your Account if you have one." APPROVED (deactivated)
pCloud "We do not use cookies to collect Personal Information." APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
KJVPCE "This site uses <em>cookies</em> <i> </i> to set user preferences via the settings menu. These cookies <strong>DO NOT</strong> reveal any information about the user.</li" APPROVED Derek
Spinonline "We do use ourselves of cookies in order to save login information" DECLINED (deactivated)
Deleted Service 2317 by user 1764 " The cookies we set do not contain any personally identifiable information." DECLINED SheepDog
Startpage "strong>We don’t serve any tracking or identifying cookies" APPROVED brightlysalty
Job Accomodation Network "If you do nothing during your visit but browse through the Website, read pages, or download information, JAN gathers and stores certain information about your visit automatically. This information does not identify you personally." APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
Patreon "Cookies are not used to identify you personally and are not used for any purpose other than those described here." APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
SecuriSend "Our service sets cookies expressly for the purpose of security. These cookies do not contain any personally-identifiable information." APPROVED SheepDog
Startpage "Bad" cookies have unique elements that can track all kinds of personal information. We don’t serve any of those. Startpage uses just one "good" cookie called "preferences" in order to remember the search preferences you choose. It’s completely anonymous and expires after not visiting Startpage for 90 days" APPROVED Esmooth Curator
Bandcamp "Bandcamp cookies do not collect Personal Data, and we do not combine the general information collected through cookies with other Personal Data to tell us who you are or what your screen name or email address is.<br>" APPROVED Peepo Staff "The cookies used on are <strong>ONLY to enhance your experience on the website" APPROVED rambos_ride
Hinterland Games "Use of a cookie is in no way linked to any personally identifiable&nbsp;information" APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
City of Reading "strong>Cookies</strong> &nbsp. To better serve you, we occasionally use “cookies” to customize your browsing experience. Cookies are simple text files stored by your web browser and they provide a method of distinguishing among visitors to the web sites. &nbsp. Cookies created on your computer by using our web sites do not contain personally identifiable information and do not compromise your privacy or security. We use the cookie feature to store a randomly generated identifying tag on your computer. &nbsp. You can refuse the cookie or delete the cookie file from your computer at any time by using any one of a number of widely available methods" APPROVED day Curator
DuckDuckGo "<p>At DuckDuckGo, no cookies are used by default. If you have changed any settings, then cookies are used to store those changes. However, in that case, they are not stored in a personally identifiable way." APPROVED LuneSirius Curator
GOV.UK "We do not collect or store your personal information (for example your name or address) so this information can’t be used to identify who you are." DECLINED jonheslop
Path of Exile "A cookie does not identify you personally but it does identify your computer." APPROVED Kehlim "These cookies do not remember where you’ve been on the internet or use or store any personally identifiable information.</" APPROVED 281587887a Curator
Python Tutor "However, Python Tutor does not collect any personally identifiable information from its users." DECLINED ravenclaw900
Ecosia "We do not store any personal information in the cookie." APPROVED CapoFantasma97
Nitrokey "We use Matomo with the "Automatically Anonymize Visitor IPs" function. This anonymization function truncates your IP address by two bytes so that it is impossible to assign it to you or to the internet connection you are using." APPROVED DRX
WikiTree " These cookies don't hold any Personal Information. They are just flags or simple bits of data that manipulate how the website looks and acts." APPROVED Reblyn
EthanMcBloxxer "It collects your country (such as The US), language (such as English), and OS platform/carrier (such as Windows or iPhone/Verizon) anonymously." APPROVED EthanMcBloxxer
Prezi "<p>Prezi cookies do not collect personal information from you, and we do not combine the general information collected through cookies with other personal information you may provide to personally identify you." APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
Element "We use cookies to help us track anonymous usage data of our Element marketing website and our Element apps (Element on web, desktop and mobile, and the Element Matrix Services web app) - this data helps us understand how our users are using the application so that we can make improvements." APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
ProtonVPN "How do we collect non-personal website data: We may use various cookies to collect and store information when you visit our website." APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
UK Fluids Network "This website does issue 'cookies' (these are small files of information which websites use to identify its users), however, these do not contain personal information." APPROVED Zakronia
Brave "No data that identifies you or that can be linked to you as an individual leaves the Brave browser on your device. " APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
United States Postal Service "<p>We automatically collect certain information about your visit to We limit the data collected to meet specific business needs and to fully protect your privacy. We thus may know what path(s) you took on, but we don't know who you are." APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Authy (Twilio) "<p>By themselves, cookies do not identify you specifically. Rather, they recognize your web browser." APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Shopify "These cookies only gather information for statistical purposes and only use pseudonymous cookie identifiers that do not directly identify you." APPROVED private prawn
Encyclopedia Britannica "This Google Analytics data is not tied to personal information, so this information cannot be used to identify who you are." APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
Podyssey Podcasts "Our cookies do not, by themselves, contain information that personally identifies you, and we don’t combine the general information collected through cookies with other such information to tell us who you are." APPROVED BlueMantis "Il ne contient pas de données personnelles et sera supprimé automatiquement à la fermeture de votre navigateur." APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff

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