Governance Your relationship with the service and the community


Title Contributions Rating
You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold the service harmless in case of a claim related to your use of the service 336
Defend, indemnify, hold harmless; survives termination 68
The service can intervene in user disputes 20
This service cannot be held responsible for disputes that you may have with other users 30
Any liability on behalf of the service is only limited to the fees you paid as a user 104
This service is only available for use individually and non-commercially. 148
You are prohibited from attempting to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems 75
This service assumes no responsibility and liability for the contents of links to other websites 119
This service assumes no liability for any losses or damages resulting from any matter relating to the service 257
Failure to enforce any provision of the Terms of Service does not constitute a waiver of such provision 196
Other applicable rules, terms, conditions or guidelines 73
You can scrape the site, as long as it doesn't impact the server too much 9
Service fines users for Terms of Service violations 4
You are allowed to quote their content with attribution 15
Minors must have the authorization of their legal guardians to use the service 54
Per the service's terms, you may not express negative opinions about them 23
This service offers a symbolic but nonbinding statement about a matter of opinion, ethics, society, or politics 24
This service fines spammers 9
This service is only available to users over a certain age 511
Invalidity of any portion of the Terms of Service does not entail invalidity of its remainder 198
Harming minors in any ways is prohibited 18
You have a reduced time period to take legal action against the service 84
You are solely responsible for claims made against the service and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the service. 67
This service is only available for commercial use 1

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