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- Minimum of Trackers
- High Grade Privacy Level
- No Data Selling or Exporting!
- Respect of your Privacy

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I am the owner and I truly respect people's privacy, our sole purpose is to help people to avoid cybercrimes, We only run ads to get a budget for advertising our website to even more people, the reason why we collect referral and use google analytics is simply to know what you are looking for (example: fraud prevention guide on romance scams) also I want to add that we anonymise all the IP send to google. We store data for the only purpose of a cyberattack so stay assured that if you respect the law, your experience on our website will be totally confidential and you don't even need to log in to access our content on, on the other hand, we do have a blog (Hub at ) which is entirely open source (HumHub) and free of trackers, even there you can access most of the content without being registered, but you need an account to make a post and we have a moderator to keep the chat clean.

We are GDPR compliant and really care about privacy. we sincerely do our best for you to get a good experience on our platforms,

We have for a long time (3 years) been non-profits, but if I run ads now it is to help pay for server fees and running ads as I've always paid from my pocket and been in the red (negative financially).

I promise that I respect all my users perhaps I will work with law enforcement in case of illegal abuse of our service and we also state that you are free to block the tracker and third party cookies in your browser if you want more privacy even if this may affect our ads revenue.

Our priority is you the human who is kind enough to give a chance to our website and we really want you to be as satisfied as possible even if 99% of our content is free.

Best regards and don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions, I would like to say "we" but "I" am here for you as I am alone to work on this project but it is a cause that touche me and I really want to help as much people's as possible and I am glad that our website is available worldwide.

Lastly, I am Canadian and security guard so I am pretty sure that my intention are sincere and pure :)

Have an awesome day and thanks for reviewing my website for the people's!

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Hello there, I just want to say that our logo doesn't appear, I know it is copyrighted, but I allow you to use it for the extension. - Matthieu Richard.

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Can you just remove the ones that doesn't match and put a grade, I really respect my users and there privacy, the data send to third party are bare minimum, like the cookie consent form has the option to log there ip and consent but I disabled it and for google I anonymise the data and opt-out of sharing anonymous data with them. I just run ads to generate profits for our non-profit organization.

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