The service provides information about how they intend to use your personal data

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After this quote: "We use your personal information, including your Registration Data, Visitor Data, information collected automatically, and information from other sources, for a variety of business purposes, including to: Provide the Services or Requested Information, such as: Fulfilling our contract with you; Managing your information and accounts; Responding to questions, comments, and other requests. and

  • Providing access to certain areas, functionalities, and features of our Services. Analyze and improve our Services pursuant to our legitimate interests, such as: Marketing, market research, and business development, including segmenting our users into specific categories;Supporting internal administrative purposes such as providing network and information security and fraud prevention and ensuring internal quality control and safety; Measuring interest and engagement in our Services; Developing new products and services; Authenticating and verifying individual identities; Recording who is accessing and making changes to different parts of our Services and carrying out audits; Communicating with you about your account, activities on our Services and Privacy Policy changes; Preventing and prosecuting potentially prohibited or illegal activities; Enforcing our agreements and Complying with our legal obligations."
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