The service provides details about what kinds of personal information they collect

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Should you choose to provide it, we do associate another email address with your account (for password recovery, or notifications). The legal basis for processing is consent and you are free to remove that data in the account panel of your ProtonMail account.</p> <p> <strong>Account activity:</strong> Due to limitations of the SMTP protocol, we have access to the following email metadata: sender and recipient email addresses, the IP address incoming messages originated from, message subject, and message sent and received times. We do NOT have access to encrypted message content but unencrypted messages sent from external providers to ProtonMail are scanned for Spam and Viruses to pursue the legitimate interest of the protection of our users. We also have access to the following records of account activity: number of messages sent, amount of storage space used, total number of messages, last login time.</p> <p> <strong>Communicating with ProtonMail:</strong> Your communications with the Company, such as support requests, bug reports, or feature requests may be saved by our staff.

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