This service provides a way for you to export your data

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You can also download information you have shared on Twitter

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Having recently deactivated my Twitter account, I saw that tweets etc. would become permanently inaccessible (to me, presumably Twitter & the TLAs have them forever) in a month, so I went to export my data. There was on the export request page mentioned an unspecified delay between the time I requested an export and the time I could download it, and it also said that only a subset of my data would be included in the export...decided by Twitter but otherwise unspecified (beyond "What we think is important"), so I decided it wasn't worth it to me. Given that this case is a thumbs-up by default, I don't think it applies to Twitter currently since the nature of the export is so limited -- they make it clear that they consider it their data, only incidentally yours or even not at all.

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