Unsubscribing LinkedIn + general thoughts about unsubcribing

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Unsubscribing LinkedIn + general thoughts about unsubcribing

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https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/tosdr/lSGQ8tD7VOE/91YdVY1cT4cJ Hi group.

Being personally attentive to how private data is managed by online services, whether or not these services actually erase private data matter far more to me than being allowed to leave. The European Commission has spoken in favour of the «right to be forgotten» ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-16677370 ).

I don't care that much about whether I can unsubscribe (nowadays I don't subscribe if I cannot leave), what I want is *all* of my private data to be removed from online services databases, according to the EU proposal. So your work might be interesting in dissecting online services terms and conditions but the most important features to me are:
- does the site allow for unsubscribing? (one bad point for "no")
- are private data actually erased? (*ten* bad points if both are "no")

As a once member of LinkedIn I can witness despite their apparent "friendliness" about unsubscribing, there's no direct clue private data will be permanently deleted. On the contrary, there are irrefutable clues private email addresses (and whatnot) remain in their databases after unsubscribing. You can actually receive promotional messages from LinkedIn *after* you unsubscribe, which proves they hold at least your email address for an unadvertised period of time.

Worse, if you ask them to not receive any of those promotional messages they will just *add* your email address to another list of people who wish not to receive anything! This makes *twice* as many chances to get your email address (who knows what more they keep?) being at risk, e.g. during a system break-in attempt, just like the one which was recently reported to have compromised about six million accounts!

So far to me, unless I'm proved the contrary (will be hard, I know that), the only way to get your private data out of online services is to *not* subscribe. *This* is where the *real* fight needs to take place to me actually.

Good day people,
Vince C.

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