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The service provides details about what kinds of personal information they collect approved chris
The service can delete specific content without prior notice and without a reason approved (deactivated)
no spidering or crawling approved radiorahim
The service may change its terms at any time, but the user will receive notification of the changes. approved radiorahim
The service has a no refund policy approved radiorahim
Users are not allowed to use pseudonyms, as trust and transparency between users regarding their identities is relevant to the service. approved radiorahim
This service uses your personal information for many different purposes approved radiorahim
This service keeps user logs for an undefined period of time approved radiorahim
The service may use tracking pixels, web beacons, browser fingerprinting, and/or device fingerprinting on users. approved radiorahim
You can delete your content from this service approved radiorahim
This service provides a way for you to export your data approved radiorahim
Your identity is used in ads that are shown to other users approved (deactivated)
This service ignores the Do Not Track (DNT) header and tracks users anyway even if they set this header. approved radiorahim
This service allows tracking via third-party cookies for purposes including targeted advertising. approved radiorahim
This service may collect, use, and share location data approved radiorahim
This service can use your content for all their existing and future services approved radiorahim
The service can sell or otherwise transfer your personal data as part of a bankruptcy proceeding or other type of financial transaction. approved (deactivated)
This service holds onto content that you've deleted approved (deactivated)

On 2019-02-23 08:01:47 UTC, ps wrote:

Domain list is missing all country code top-level domain such as and I could not find a reliable and comprehensive list of them. Linkedin is using for such domains and their whois does not respond.

On 2019-07-10 06:33:11 UTC, verdant wrote:

[Bad] Use of robot crawlers is not permitted

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