Information is provided about how your personal data is used

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When you use our services, the following information is retained in their unencrypted form:</p> <ul> <li>Your email address to serve as a medium of communication and as an identifier for your account.</li> <li>Your name and avatar (both optional) for notifying other users when you invite/share files with them.</li> <li>Amount of storage consumed by your encrypted data (files and thumbnails).</li> <li>Deletion status of your files to remove deleted files from clients who might have already downloaded them.</li> <li>Owner, sharee relationships within folders/albums/collections to control access permissions.</li> <li>Payment invoices provided to us by our third-party Payment Processors for verifying the validity of your subscription plan.</li> <li>Details of referrers and people your have referred, together with the storage balance accrued, for the purposes of ente's referral programme.</li> <li>The email addresses you choose to share an album with.</li> <li>Your public key.</li> <li>IP address and port information used for API calls to ensure account security, to detect data centers closest to you, and to mitigate possible DDoS attacks.</li> <li>Browser type and operating system of the devices from which you have logged in to ente to ensure account security.</li> <li>Timestamps when our database rows were modified as a result of an API call from your account.</li> <li>Takedowns and account suspension history.</li> <li>Our communications with you.</li>

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