Tracking pixels are used in service-to-user communication

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Stitcher, third-party advertising entities, and tracking-utility providers employ a technology known as "beacons" or "tracking pixels" (each, a "<strong>Beacon</strong>"). A Beacon is a one-pixel-by-one-pixel clear image that is embedded in HTML content, and is about the size of a period at the end of a sentence. The Beacon transmits information to a server, such as a numeric count, unique identifier, or IP address. Stitcher and third parties that we contract with use Beacons to help us better manage content on the Stitcher Service, for example, to let us know which emails recipients have opened, or to count the number of unique visitors to a webpage. The use of a Beacon may also allow us to gauge the effectiveness of certain communications and of our marketing campaigns. </p>

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