When the service wants to change its terms, you are notified a week or more in advance.

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Vorwerk will notify the User in text or email form about the modified terms before the modifications will enter into force and Vorwerk will inform the User separately about the new provisions, the planned date for the new terms to enter into effect, the User’s termination right, the applicable termination period and the significance of remaining silent, and Vorwerk will then grant an adequate, at least six-week period to the User to terminate the agreements that are based on these Terms of Use if the User does not agree with the modified Terms of Use. where there is a termination of the Cookidoo® Subscription, fees which have already been paid for the remaining term will be reimbursed. If the User does not terminate the agreement within the aforementioned period, the modified terms shall apply upon expiration of the period. The termination by the User must be submitted in writing (email is sufficient).</p>

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