Your personal information is used for many different purposes

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review ad performance, delivery verification and measurement,</li> <li>personalize your website experience through tailored content, ads and offers,</li> <li>help you locate stores near you that sell our products,</li> <li>communicate with you about your account and other matters, and in our discretion, changes to any SC Johnson policy that may affect you,</li> <li>conduct research and analysis related to, and manage and improve, our websites, mobile applications, products, services, advertising, ecommerce product listings, promotions and sales, and understand how you interact with us through social media platforms, including, for example, to make our websites and mobile applications easier to use with better content by understanding how people use our websites, mobile applications, products and services and engage with us using social media and advertising,</li> <li>process transactions and ship products to you,</li> <li>manage online communities for the sharing and exchange of reviews, comments, feedback, ideas, and other user generated content,</li> <li>administer programs and promotions for which you sign up, including sweepstakes and contests, and mobile applications for games and other online experiences,</li> <li>implement other activities disclosed at the time you provide your information,</li> <li>implement social networking features you have activated, and/or</li> <li>combine all the information we collect or receive about you for any of the foregoing purposes.</li>

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