[bad] Bing shares your search queries with Facebook

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On 2018-05-23 12:41:31 UTC, Deleted wrote:!msg/tosdr/3jGQeqB7pgw/odsFmzkZ7-4J has its own Privacy Policy, even though it uses the Microsoft
Services Agreement for its ToS. These privacy points apply only to

Bing uses Facebook Instant Personalization to provide a more relevant and
> useful search experience for Facebook users. Facebook Instant
> Personalization is a program in which websites can check to see if you are
> actively logged into Facebook, and provide you with an enhanced experience
> that takes your Facebook social network into account, as permitted by your
> Facebook privacy settings. Bing uses this information only to operate and
> improve the services we provide to you, and not for any other purposes such
> as advertising.
> Facebook currently powers the enhanced people search feature, so if you
> submit a search query while signed into Facebook that Bing classifies as a
> person’s name, we send the query to Facebook, which Facebook uses to return
> the relevant results.
> Facebook does not use this query information for any other purpose, and
> deletes it within 24 hours.
> You can turn off these Instant Personalization features at any time. The
> first five times you do a Bing search that will show social results, you
> will see a notification at the top of your screen; clicking “disable” will
> disable the features and prevent Bing from using your Facebook information
> to personalize your experience. If you want to disable the features later,
> you can do so by going to
> You can opt back in by
> clicking on the Facebook icon on the top right of the Bing page. For more
> information about these features, click here.
> From

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