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https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/tosdr/H_Yt2BS1JiU/0f2AOAyJjMEJ Hi,

Somebody sent this with the feedback widget on the website. It's a bit
difficult to assess because mobile carriers contracts are national. But
it's informational any way.


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Hi hugo,

you received new feedback for your app "Terms of Service; Didn’t Read":

> I pay my T-Mobile cell phone bill on line each month. The TOS agreement
> recites, near the end: "T-Mobile reserves the right to change these terms and
> conditions at any time. Notice of any such change may be given..." I suggested,
> in a phone call to them, that they could at least include a date for the posted
> TOS - so I won't have to actually read the darned thing each month. Well, it's
> too easy a solution, of course, so they have ignored me. But lately they have
> at least included a "Version" number. I actually do read these things, most of
> the time, although it partly depends on whose TOS it is. Maybe you could put a
> little pressure on someone somewhere, although I'm sure they are content that
> most folks do not read the TOSs.

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