Your personal data is used for limited purposes

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EC DIGIT D3 collects and uses your personal information to manage user populations and their rights in the context of IT systems. The main purpose is to ensure the appropriate level of security is applied in a consistent fashion across Commission IT services with the ability to identify the user of the service, authenticate that user, and / or determine his or her authorisations and roles within the context of their service. The IAMS allows not only the authentication of individual that have an employment relationship with EU Institutions (EU Staff), but also self-registered individuals can create an EU-login account worldwide. </p> <p> Additional purposes for this processing operation, regarding individuals that have an employment relationship with EUIs, are the following:</p> <ul> <li>services, allowing individuals contact details to be found (e.g. e-mail address book or telephone directory)</li> <li>selection of individuals from lists, usually based on some selection criteria</li> <li>construction of lists of individuals, primarily e-mail distribution lists</li> <li>customisation of user interfaces according to users' individual characteristics</li>

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