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Privacy Policy <p>By creating your account with us, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the provisions of this Privacy Policy and to our Terms of Service. This privacy statement discloses the privacy practices for zoogvpn.com (https://zoogvpn.com) &amp. ZoogVPN products.</p> <p>If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should first contact info@zoogvpn.com.</p> <p>From time to time, ZoogVPN may introduce new products and services. To the extent that these new products and services affect this policy, this policy will be updated.</p> <p> For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 2004 (the “Act”) and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (GDPR) (together the “Data Protection Legislation”), the data controller is Zoog Services PC a company incorporated in Greece and registered in Greece with Company Number 145382616000 whose registered office is at 130 Germanou Str, Post code. 26224, Patras, Greece, email: info@zoogvpn.com.</p> <br> <p>Principles Relating to Processing of Personal Data</p> <p>In the course of processing personal data, the Zoog Services PC as Data Controller observes and acts in line with the following principles stipulated in Article 5 of the GDPR:</p> <br> <p>lawfulness, fairness and transparency – this means that your personal data will be collected, stored and processed lawfully and fairly and we will be transparent with you about the manner in which we do so</p> <br> <p>purpose limitation – this means that we will only collect your personal data for specific legitimate purposes and we will not process your personal data in a manner which would contradict those purposes</p> <br> <p>data minimisation – this means that the personal data we collect about will be limited to what is adequate and relevant in relation to the purpose for which we have collected it</p> <br> <p>accuracy – this means that we will keep personal data we hold about you accurate and up to date</p> <br> <p>storage limitation – which means that we will only collect, store and process your personal data only for as long as is necessary (in connection with the purpose for which we have collected it)</p> <br> <p>integrity and confidentiality – which means that we will keep personal data that we collect, store and process about you secure.</p> What is ZoogVPN and why is my information needed? <p>ZoogVPN provides the registered user with secure and fast access to the Internet from any location. ZoogVPN makes the VPN service available under a number of different subscription plans. ZoogVPN requires a valid email address for account management as a login and a valid password during the registration process.</p> Does ZoogVPN store any user information and how is it used? <p>We pride our selves on being a zero logs VPN service. We only collect your email address (which can be a disposable one) because of the nature of our service. However, for account management purpose we strongly recommend you use an active mailbox to both receive and send emails, for ZoogVPN service. Your email address will never be given away or sold. Your email will be used only to deliver ZoogVPN services, communicate with you about your subscription, promotions, support and generally maintain your account with us. We strictly do not share, sell, trade, or rent your personal information to third parties.</p> <p>We have adopted 'Zero Logs' policy and are not required to collect any by our jurisdiction. This means we do not keep any logs of your online activity so you can browse with 100% privacy and confidence.</p> <p>We strictly do not collect or keep any usage information on user activity, the websites or apps the user visits, timestamps, user IP addresses, or user log-in/log-out sessions. However, for the purpose of rendering VPN service we collect total data transferred on our servers as aggregated upload/download.</p> <p>ZoogVPN service by necessity require us to provide user's email address to payment processors e.g. Paypal for processing credit card or Paypal payments. They only have access to user's email address requried to perform their function and may not use it for other purposes. They are contractually obligated to keep all data confidential. Your information is at all times encrypted and secured.</p> How does ZoogVPN protect my information from loss, misuse or alteration? <p>ZoogVPN uses industry leading technologies to safeguard the confidentiality of personally identifiable information, including encryption, firewalls and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).</p> Who should I ask if I have further questions? <p>For additional inquiries about the privacy of your information, you can contact ZoogVPN via email at info@zoogvpn.com.</p>

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