Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy. <p>When you sign up for services, we need to collect and store the following information:</p> <p> </p> <ul> <li>Your preferred username to login to our billing portal.<br>(This is how we will address you.)</li> <br> <li>Your preferred point of contact (Email address, Jabber ID, etc).<br>(This is how we will reach you as needed for Support / billing / other notices)</li> <br> <li>Your username that is used to login to the control panel to manage your service(s) with us.<br>(You need this to login to your service control panel. We need it to know who the service belongs to in our client portal.)</li> <br> <li>The domain(s) associated with your provided service(s).<br>(This is needed to create the service for you. We will log the domains associated with your account in your client area for our support staff.)</li> <br> <li>What services we provide you.<br>(This is purely organizational, and if you wish to not have individual services linked together then you will need to create multiple accounts with us with different point of contact.)</li> </ul> We require the absolute bare minimum needed to create your account and offer you services. The above is all non-personal identifying information. <p> </p> Disclosure to Law Enforcement. <p>“We can not share what we do not know.”</p> <p>If presented with a legal order to reveal any of the above information to law enforcement, we will have no choice but to comply. “We can not share what we do not know.” is more than just our unofficial company motto, it’s the truth. None of the information we collect is personally identifiable information. Unless prohibited from doing so, we will inform you of any/all requests made by law enforcement about you or your account. We make our site, control panels, and billing/ticket portal available through both I2P and TOR to help you practice good op-sec and to protect your anonymity. However, we will not, as a company or individuals, put ourselves in legal risk by refusing to comply with lawful orders. We give you the tools to remain anonymous and it is your choice to use them. If ordered to do so, we must comply regardless of how we personally feel about it. </p> Marketing Information <p>We will never sell or use your information for marketing purposes, unless the marketing purpose is simply us making a broad statement such as, “We host X-number of sites on our network” or “INCOG.HOST provides services to X-number of customers” which would be used in promotional materials. None of this identifies you specifically as a customer.</p> <p>We will never reveal publicly that any customer is using our services (Ex: We will never say, “acustomerswebsite.onion is hosted by INCOG.HOST!”) If you are happy with our services, we hope that you will tell others about us. We will never do that for you.</p> <p>We will never contact you via your supplied point of contact for anything unrelated to your account or service with us.</p> Right To Be Forgotten <p>We believe in your right to be forgotten. If you cancel your service(s) with us, we will remove any record of your account from our customer portal and servers.</p> Cookie Policy <p>Cookies are used on our website for our customer portal ( as well as on the control panels for the services we offer (links to these vary depending on service and server the service is provisioned on).</p> <ul> <li> <p>For our customer portal, cookies are set to expire after three (3) days.</p> </li> <li> <p>For our web hosting control panel, cookies are set to expire after three (3) days.</p> </li> </ul> <p>As we make our other services publicly available, we will update this with their default cookie expiration times as well.</p>

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