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Customer Policy

About Perfect Privacy Perfect Privacy <p>Perfect Privacy is an initiative of private and independent individuals from different parts of the globe, dedicated to protect your privacy and anonymity online. Our services are fully compliant with the law. We do not monitor, review, log or store your communication/connection data.</p> What we do <p>We encrypt and anonymize your Internet connection. We offer several different VPN services and proxies for you to choose from. Our services use safe and reliable industry standards, and can be used with almost any current operating system and client software/application.</p> Privacy Policy <p>We try to store as little data as possible, as we can’t be forced to give away something we don’t have in the first place.</p> <p>Data we need to store:</p> <ul> <li>Your login credentials (username and password)</li> <li>The email address you provide</li> <li>The expiration date of your account</li> </ul> <p>We do not log any logins or connections you make. We solely record the total usage ratio of the servers, i.e. how much traffic is being used on our servers. This data can be publicly viewed on our server status page .</p> <p>We use Google Analytics to be able to effectively control ad serving and to continuously improve and expand the content of our pages. The IP address is anonymized (anonymizeIp) in the process. Information how Google uses data and opt-out.</p> <p>Further information on data protection can be found in our privacy policy.</p> Terms and conditions Fair and reasonable use <p>Our servers are used by many people all over the world, thus as a customer of Perfect Privacy you oblige yourself to use our servers and services fairly and reasonably. Please keep in mind that you are not the only customer that makes use of our servers and services.</p> <p>While Perfect Privacy does not impose a strict bandwidth limit, the principle of „fair and reasonable use“ applies. Subscribers are encouraged to use the server status page to pick a server with currently low traffic. Also we request you, not to use servers with less than a 50Mbps/s connection for traffic intensive purposes, such as extremely large downloads or Peer-to-peer (p2p) file sharing.</p> Personal use <p>Your account is personal, for your exclusive usage only. Sharing of login credentials, whether with a third party or publicly is strictly prohibited, and may lead to immediate account termination. As a private citizen you may however use your account on different devices you own.</p> Refund policy <p>If you are not 100% satisfied with the Perfect Privacy VPN service after the first purchase, we will refund your payment if the refund is requested within seven (7) days from the date of purchase.</p> <p>Refunds for gift-card or coupon based as well as cash transactions are not possible under any circumstances. Also payments with crypto currencies like Bitcoin are not refundable due to the high transaction fees.</p> <p>If you experience technical difficulties please contact our support team using the help center page before claiming a refund.</p> Cancellation policy <p>If you have not selected Subscription when ordering your account it will automatically expire when the purchased time period ends.</p> <p>If you have selected Subscription when ordering your account (currently only possible with PayPal) and you want to cancel the subscription, you have to do so in your PayPal account. You may do so at any time. If you need assistance please contact our support team by using the help center page.</p>

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