You can choose the copyright license

You have the right to choose or change the license over content you publish through the Service.

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Service Title Rating Status Author
GitLab "" APPROVED user 458
Flickr Flickr lets you choose a copyright license DECLINED import script Bot
SpigotMC You can choose the copyright license APPROVED Photon Curator
Open Humans "Some Open Humans members generously make their data public under the Creative Commons Zero Public Domain Dedication (v1.0 or later)." APPROVED arlo Staff
SourceHut You can choose the copyright license DECLINED ddevault
WikiHow "When you upload images to the Service, you may select among various licenses under which wikiHow may distribute and sublicense your image-based User Content. wikiHow hereby grants to Users of the Service all rights specified under the terms of the license under which any image-based User Content is licensed to wikiHow. </p" APPROVED Peepo Staff
Prezi "If your content is designated as Public User Content, you may choose to “allow re-use” of that content (in the case of videos that are designated Public User Content, you are required to allow re-use). When you allow re-use of your Public User Content, you hereby do and shall grant to each user of the Service a worldwide, non-exclusive license to use, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, communicate to the public, publish, publicly perform, publicly display, distribute and transmit your User Content, and portions thereof as permitted by the Prezi Services." APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
Free Code Camp "<p>Content you submit to the website belongs to you, and you decide what permission to give others for it. But at a minimum, you license the company to provide content that you submit to the website to other users of the website. " APPROVED Agnes de Lion Staff
CodeSandbox "it is up to you to define the license terms for Sandboxes you have control over" APPROVED private prawn Curator

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