This service employs separate policies for different parts of the service

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Service Title Rating Status Author
CloudSight "" disputed user 422
Spotify Spotify uses different agreements for special offers and community access declined import script Bot
Medtinker "By using the website you acknowledge that you possess the required language proficiency in order to fully understand the terms enclosed in this document.</p> " declined Medtinker Curator
Wattpad "<p>In your use of the Services you may enter into additional terms and conditions and other agreements that alter or override these Terms of Service, such as when you enter a contest or join a special program like our Wattpad Stars. In case of any conflict or inconsistency, the terms and conditions of those additional terms and agreements would override these Terms of Service.</p>" approved LuneSirius Curator
Brave "Read this document to understand how the Brave Browser uses data.</p> <p>To learn how we use data to operate our websites, forums, and communications, visit the Website Privacy Policy. To learn how we use data for publishers and creators visit the Publisher Privacy Policy on the Basic Attention Token website" approved denishdk Curator
Amazon "Please review our other policies, such as our pricing policy, posted on this site. These policies also govern your use of Amazon Services" approved radiorahim Curator
firefox-accounts " Our Privacy Notices describe in more detail the data we receive from each service" declined hook
Khan Academy "15.9 Entire Agreement. The Terms, the Privacy Policy and Guidelines constitute the entire agreement between you and Khan Academy relating to the subject matter herein and will not be modified except in writing, signed by both parties, or by a change to the Terms, Privacy Policy or Guidelines made by Khan Academy as set forth in Section 4 above." changes-requested retrocraft
Sip Read Repeat This service employs separate policies for different parts of the service approved WillGoad
Nintendo "Nintendo Tech Support Forums Terms of Use" approved tosreader
Brainly "We have two sets of terms and conditions: <strong>Part A</strong> sets out the terms that apply to our users unless you are based in Europe and <strong>Part B</strong> sets out the terms that apply to our users in Europe. </p> <p> It is important that you read and understand the terms that apply to you when you use the Brainly Services before using the Brainly Services. </p" approved (deactivated)
PayPal "This privacy statement only applies to the PayPal and Xoom services offered by PayPal. To learn about our privacy practices for our other products or services, like Venmo or Braintree, visit the website and review the privacy statement for that product or service.</p>" approved Dr_Jeff ToS;DR
Google "<p>Our service-specific additional terms and policies provide additional details about appropriate conduct that everyone using those services must follow." approved Dr_Jeff ToS;DR
GitHub "<p>You can also add applications from GitHub, such as our Desktop app, our Atom application, or other application and account features, to your Account. These applications each have their own terms and may collect different kinds of User Personal Information. however, all GitHub applications are subject to this Privacy Statement, and we collect the amount of User Personal Information necessary, and use it only for the purpose for which you have given it to us." approved Dr_Jeff ToS;DR
Adobe "Please note that websites and apps provided by some companies acquired by Adobe may operate under their own privacy policies until their privacy practices are integrated with Adobe's privacy practices. For a current list of these companies, click here." approved Dr_Jeff ToS;DR

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