You will be notified about website maintenance

Users will be notified before their experience is impacted due to website maintenance.

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Service Title Rating Status Author
IBM Cloudant warns you if emergency maintenance is happening DECLINED import script Bot
Clockify "planned downtime (of which we will give advance notice)" APPROVED private prawn Curator
Search Encrypt "To the extent we are able, we will endeavor to post updates on the Website regarding any Service Interruption and resumption of service following any such suspension, but shall have no liability for the manner in which we may do so or if we fail to do so. </p> <p>" DECLINED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
DeepL "Unavoidable downtime due to planned maintenance work shall be electronically notified to Customer in good time in advance (e.g. by e-mail).</p>" APPROVED arlo Staff
WeMod "except for planned down-time for maintenance" APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff
Blizzard "We will send you strictly service-related announcements on rare occasions when it is necessary to do so. For instance, if our service is temporarily suspended for maintenance, we might send you an email. Generally, you may not opt-out of these communications, which are not promotional in nature." DECLINED Dr_Jeff Staff
Proton AG " <p>Some performance issues are excluded from downtime calculations, such as:</p> <ul> <li>Issues caused by factors outside of the Company’s reasonable control.</li> <li>Issues that resulted from any actions or inaction by a user or a third-party.</li> <li>Issues that resulted from the user’s equipment and/or third-party equipment (not within the primary control of the Company).</li> <li>Issues that arise from the Company’s suspension or termination of rights to use the Service in accordance with our Terms of Service.</li> <li>Downtime caused by reasonable scheduled maintenance that is announced in advance." DECLINED omhqit Curator
Letterboxd "We will try to promptly address (during normal business hours) all technical issues that arise on the Service." APPROVED donno Curator
Slack "We expect planned downtime to be infrequent but will endeavor to provide Customer with advance notice (e.g., through the Services), if we think it may exceed five (5) continuous minutes." APPROVED KnossosDomovoi Curator
Chinese Software Developer Network "如因平台维护或升级的需要而暂停服务、调整服务功能的,CSDN经营者将尽可能事先在本平台上进行通告。" APPROVED reikousami Curator
Proton AG "Issues that arise from the Company’s suspension or termination of rights to use the Service in accordance with our Terms of Service.</li> <li>Downtime caused by reasonable scheduled maintenance that is announced in advance.</li>" DECLINED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Amazon AWS "From time to time, we may apply upgrades, patches, bug fixes, or other maintenance to the Services and AWS Content (“Maintenance”). We agree to use reasonable efforts to provide you with prior notice of any scheduled Maintenance (except for emergency Maintenance), and you agree to use reasonable efforts to comply with any Maintenance requirements that we notify you about.</p> <p> " APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Disney+ " It is possible that the Disney+ Service and/or some or all Disney+ Content may not be available for streaming or downloading at any given time (i) during usual maintenance or update periods, (ii) any power or server outages beyond our control. (iii) as a result of war, riots, social unrest. or (iv) as a result of other matters beyond the control of us. Disney+ will take reasonable efforts to provide you with as much prior notice as possible. <br>" APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
Ouigo "SNCF Voyageurs se réserve le droit d’interrompre la disponibilité du service, en vue notamment d’opérations de maintenance préventive, évolutive ou curative. En cas d’interruption du service, SNCF Voyageurs s’engage par tout moyen à en informer les Utilisateurs et mettra en œuvre tous les moyens raisonnables pour y remédier dans les meilleurs délais.</p> <p>" APPROVED Agnes_De_Lion Staff
JMServices You will be notified about website maintenance APPROVED MaximKing
Porton Private Cloudstorage You will be notified about website maintenance APPROVED Hekkerman
PayPal "<p>In the event that we decide to discontinue any of our services or any portion or feature of our services for any reason, we will give you at least two months prior notice before discontinuing the service or feature, unless we determine in good faith that: </p> <ul> <li>the service or feature must be discontinued sooner as required by law or a third-party relationship. or </li> <li>doing so could create a security risk or substantial economic or material technical burden.</li>" APPROVED Creature101
Posteo "Outages due to possible maintenance work will be advised of in advance" DECLINED rahcor Curator
Tutanota "If Tutao estimates that the time for maintenance and software updates will lead to a downtime of more than three hours, Tutao will inform all paying customers three days in advance." APPROVED DodoLeDev
Reuters "Please note that, even if you opt-out of receiving marketing or advertising emails, we may still send you transactional emails related to the performance of our Services or your account with us, including administrative emails, maintenance emails" APPROVED HelloWorld
Busuu "Notice of any such modification or discontinuance shall be posted on the Site wherever possible." APPROVED EarldridgeJazzedPineda
SoloLearn "We may suspend or discontinue any part of the Services, or we may introduce new features or impose limits on certain features or restrict access to parts or all of the Services.&nbsp. We’ll try to give you notice when we make a material change to the Services that would adversely affect you, but this isn’t always practical." APPROVED EarldridgeJazzedPineda
Anydesk "ANYDESK will give the Customer due notice of the maintenance work on" APPROVED EarldridgeJazzedPineda
Never Install "In the event we are unable to provide you with a service that you are entitled to, then we shall endeavour to inform you in advance of the same." APPROVED EarldridgeJazzedPineda
Qwant "We will do our best to inform you beforehand." APPROVED Dr_Jeff Staff

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