Rating: B

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Information is provided about what kind of information they collect APPROVED shiftydino
Information is provided about how your personal data is used APPROVED shiftydino
You are informed about the risk of publishing personal info online APPROVED shiftydino
The publishing of personally identifiable information without the owner’s consent is not allowed APPROVED shiftydino
You agree not to submit libelous, harassing or threatening content APPROVED shiftydino
There is a date of the last update of the agreements APPROVED shiftydino
The service informs you that its privacy policy does not apply to third party websites APPROVED shiftydino
This service is only available to users over a certain age APPROVED shiftydino
The posting of pornographic content is prohibited APPROVED shiftydino
Blocking first party cookies may limit your ability to use the service APPROVED shiftydino
Your IP address is collected, which can be used to view your approximate location APPROVED shiftydino
Your personal data is aggregated into statistics APPROVED shiftydino
Information is provided about security practices APPROVED shiftydino
This service receives your precise location through GPS coordinates APPROVED shiftydino
Information is provided about how they collect personal data APPROVED shiftydino
When the service wants to make a material change to its terms, you are notified at least 30 days in advance APPROVED shiftydino
The service is open-source APPROVED shiftydino
The service claims to be GDPR compliant for European users APPROVED shiftydino

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