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This service assumes no liability for any losses or damages resulting from any matter relating to the service approved (deactivated)
The service can delete specific content without prior notice and without a reason approved (deactivated)
You waive your right to a class action. approved (deactivated)
This service forces users into binding arbitration in the case of disputes approved (deactivated)
The service is provided 'as is' and to be used at the users' sole risk approved (deactivated)
The service does not guarantee accuracy or reliability of the information provided approved (deactivated)
The policy refers to documents that are missing or unfindable approved (deactivated)
The service refers users to external documents for more information approved (deactivated)
The service allows you to use pseudonyms approved JustinBack
This service only shares user information with third parties when given specific consent approved JustinBack
The service provides details about what kinds of personal information they collect approved JustinBack
The service does not use third-party analytics or tracking platforms approved JustinBack
This service does not sell your personal data approved JustinBack
You maintain ownership of your data approved JustinBack
The service may change its terms at any time, but the user will receive notification of the changes. approved JustinBack
The service can suspend your account for several reasons approved JustinBack
The service gives 30 days of notice before closing your account approved JustinBack
The court of law governing the terms is in a jurisdiction that is friendlier to user privacy protection. approved JustinBack
If you are the target of a copyright claim, your content may be removed approved JustinBack
You have the right to leave this service at any time approved JustinBack

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