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On 2018-01-16 15:28:52 UTC, Deleted wrote:!msg/tosdr/AnBvZ3B_gXY/GK_kyEeE1DcJ I was recently caught out by this t&c on the site. I was not informed when completing the online form to setup the delivery that they would not delivery to a PO box address, it was a internet based companies returns address. I tick the box to say that I had read the terms, but only scanned down them, of course now their have you because you ticked the magic box. Anyway you end up paying for them to pickup and not deliver your package because it's a PO box address, bit of a scam. Their T&C's are about 10 pages long and this important information is about 7 pages down. Not very customer friendly way of telling you, but they did not seems to care when I told them. I wonder how many people they catch out with this term.

8.7 Interparcel Ltd can only deliver to a full street address. We cannot deliver to a PO Box or BFPO address. If a Consignment has to be returned for this reason, no refund will be given.

Great idea for a website, found you after watching BBC Click



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