This service may collect, use, and share location data

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MAC address(es), Wi-Fi® signal strength, firmware version, IP address, SSIDs, log files, durations, service tokens, Internet connection type and carrier, and unique identifiers associated with the computer, tablet, or mobile device used in connection with the Bose product</li> <li>Usage data, such as time spent using different features/settings of the product, the day and time you used the product, button presses, the media and other external sources to which you connect your product, and, as applicable, your product’s power spectrum, sound pressure level, volume levels, and streaming information (including content stored on system presets, stations played, playlists, artists, albums, songs, or podcasts), time zone, and transactional data enabling digital rights management (e.g., for music content providers to give appropriate credit to artists depending on how often their content is played)</li> <li>Service “tokens” containing authentication information that enables delivery of third-party content to your Bose product (e.g., to synch your connected products to your Spotify account each time you use them)</li> <li>Diagnostic data, such as battery life, the quality of the wireless connection, and error logs). and</li> <li>Environmental data (e.g., noise level and audio frequencies).</li>

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