The service explains how to prevent disclosure of personal information to third parties

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All browsers offer configuration options to:</p> <ul> <li>inform you of the cookies saved on your computer;</li> <li>allow you to accept or refuse them, on either a case-by-case basis or outright.</li> </ul> <p>The configuration of each browser is different. We suggest you consult the help menu on your browser in order to configure your browser as you wish.</p>Consenting to cookies<p>The saving of a cookie on a device is governed by user-defined settings for the user’s browsing software.</p> <p>If you have accepted the saving of cookies through your browser, they will be integrated into the pages and content you have viewed and may be temporarily stored in a dedicated location on your device. They will only be readable by their issuer.</p>Refusing cookies<p>There are different options for refusing cookies, which may impact the functioning of the service you request on our Site.</p>How to implement your choice according to the browser you use

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declined: This quote only explains how to manage cookies in browsers.

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