Terms may be changed any time at their discretion, without notice to the user

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Alignable, at its discretion, may contact or notify you regarding scheduled and unscheduled downtimes outside of our routine maintenance windows, changes to the Services or this Agreement or other items relating to the Services or your account using any of the following means: (a) a banner notice placed across Alignable’s pages. (b) an email from Alignable to an email address associated with your account, even if we have other contact information. or (c) through your Alignable account or through other means including mobile number, telephone, or delivery services including the postal service.

On 2019-11-14 12:44:32 UTC, jeskojikey12 wrote:

your term and condition is good and i agree on you to follow all the keypoint that you point out. the banner notice is very important, this is the part of marketing. even now the online service like MastersDigitizing now also use the banners service and this is they said call of action that display in front of user and it's auto distract.

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